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I fall hard for road trip stories, so Liz’s Road Trip is an appealing title that I couldn’t pass up.

Liz’s Road Trip by Bernadette Marie

Liz's Road Trip by Bernadette Marie (cover) Image: a graphic image of a young woman driving a yellow convertible on a road lined with a couple of palm trees

Genre/Categories/Setting: Contemporary Women’s Fiction, Road Trip (Colorado to Florida), Romance

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My Summary of Liz’s Road Trip:

Thanks #5PrincePublishing @5PrincePub for a complimentary e ARC of #LizsRoadTrip upon my request. All opinions are my own.

After the death of Liz’s grandmother, Liz sets out on a cross country road trip (Colorado to Florida) to carry out her final wishes. Liz discovers that her grandmother was a glamorous Hollywood star and kept secrets. Liz is in for another surprise when she meets her grandmother’s biographer.

My Thoughts:

Main Character

Although Liz has a wonderful relationship with her beloved grandmother and an amazing best friend, Liz might not be the most likable character in the beginning. She’s self absorbed. Her grandmother’s death and the resulting journey of grief begins to shake her from her self-centered lifestyle. We gradually warm to her as we begin to relate to her grief, her fear of flying, the loss of her mother at a young age, her determination to make this road trip, and her desire to fulfill her grandmother’s wishes. I found myself more invested with Liz as the story moved along and I wasn’t as interested in her grandmother’s letters and backstory.


I love most road trip stories! This one includes a cat and an unexpected companion. Would you ever take a cat on a road trip?! Not me!

In addition, I love a multi-generational story. Although the grandmother has passed, we know how much this relationship means to Liz after the loss of her mother at a young age.

Slow-burn romance is entertaining as well! More rewarding than “insta-love” in my opinion! Liz and Mark’s relationship is unique and complicated!

The mysterious phone-a-friend and the slow-reveal of his identity is an intriguing trope even though I don’t usually love secrets as a plot device.

Grandmother’s secrets. Why do grandmothers keep so many secrets?!


Poignant themes include friendship, loss of mom in childhood, grief, granddaughter/grandmother relationship, and remaining open to life’s adventures.

Content Consideration: grief, cancer, death, loss of mom and grandmother, some profanity, potential steam fades quickly to black.

Recommending Liz’s Road Trip

I think this is a mostly light-hearted road trip/romance. I recommend Liz’s Road Trip for fans of road trip stories, meet-cute romance, and granddaughter/grandmother relationships. This would made a fun book club selection for those looking for a lighter read.

Related: More unique road trip stories are News of the World, West With Giraffes, and Where the Lost Wander.

My Rating:  4  Stars

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Meet the Author of Liz’s Road Trip, Bernadette Marie

Author of Liz's Road Trip, Bernadette Marie

Bestselling Author Bernadette Marie writes contemporary romances and believes in Happily Ever After. The married mother of five believes in love at first sight, quick love, and second chances. An avid martial artist, Bernadette Marie is a certified instructor and holds a second degree black belt in Tang Soo Do. She loves Tai Chi, traveling to Disney parks, and having lunch with friends. When not writing, or running her own publishing house, Bernadette is probably immersed in a Rom Com, from which she will often quote one liners.


Is this road trip/romance on your TBR or have you read it?

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  1. I’ve not seen this book around at all, so will have to see if my library or KU have it. It is an intriguing premise and there is a lot I like about the characters and themes. Off to see what I can find.

    • I think it’s a small publisher or independently published. One of those emails I took a chance on! I had just finished Pumpkin Spice Cafe and I made the email contact promise me this was closed door! 😂

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