Review Policy

I currently accept books to review on a limited basis as my time and schedule permit. If you’re interested, look through my policy below.

What I prefer to read:

  • Fiction: historical fiction, literary fiction, women’s fiction, contemporary fiction
  • Nonfiction: memoir and biography
  • Please no requests to review paranormal, occult, magical realism, fantasy, graphic novels, vampire, erotica, or violent content
  • I may consider receiving and reviewing self-published books if I have some space between my reading commitments.


  • I prefer ebook format (Kindle).

Review Practice:

  • I post reviews of books on my blog that I enjoy reading and can rate 3.5, 4, or 5 stars. If I wouldn’t recommend it to a friend or a blog follower I won’t provide a review on my blog. If I don’t end up liking it, you won’t receive a negative public review on my blog; instead, I will email my review to you privately.
  • I also post review blurbs on Amazon, Goodreads, and Instagram.
  • I will post a review of an advance review copy close to the release date. If you have time frame requirements, please let me know in advance and I’ll consider them.


  • You can email me at

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