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Today, I’m drawing attention to and showing love for a few of my favorite backlist books.

I quickly scanned my Goodreads shelf for these backlist titles that didn’t receive a great deal of hype and yet are still highly recommendable. I tried not to overthink it or I would have ended up with a list of a hundred! I deliberately discounted titles that I think received their share of hype and attention like Invention of Wings.

Do you think of favorite backlist books as old friends? Do you touch their covers in greeting and recognition when you are in a bookstore? Just me?!

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I’m linking up today with That Artsy Reader Girl for Top Ten Tuesday: Forgotten Backlist Titles.

These are books that (in my opinion) are unforgettable backlist titles. Each one was a memorable read for me in a unique way, and they are stories that I still recommend. Have you read these?

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(In no particular order)

A Place For Us by Fatima Farheen Mirza

A Place For Us by Fatima Farheen Mirza (cover)

If you love complicated family drama with multilayered themes and likable characters who are trying their best to navigate a new (to them) culture, you might like this story. Read my review to find out exactly why it was a memorable read!

The Gilded Years by Karin Tanabe

The Gilded Years cover (purple background with white wording and a white image of a university style building)

I rarely hear readers talk about this book. I loved the story of the first black woman to attend Vassar College while passing as white and the conflict that occurs with her family member who does not choose to pass for white. My review.

The Day the World Came to Town by Jim Defede

The Day the World Came to Town by Jim Defede (cover) Image: a family of four (2 adults and 2 children) stand with their back to the camera watching a jetliner land

I think everyone needs to read this inspiring and true account of strangers helping strangers, generous kindness, and extraordinary hospitality. Of course, it needs to be followed up by watching the Broadway musical, Come From Away (available in streaming). My review here.

House Rules by Jodi Picoult

House Rules by Jodi Picoult (cover) text above and below a headshot of a boy looking out toward the sky

This was the first Jodi Picoult book I read. Some of this author’s work is heavily agenda driven, but I love this story of a boy on the spectrum. Not reviewed on the blog. I also recommend Ginny Moon if you haven’t read it.

Saving CeeCee Honeycutt by Beth Hoffman

Saving CeeCee Honeycutt by Bath Hoffman (cover) white text in a lilac oval surrounded by flowers

This is a memorable and unique story of found family (one of my favorite themes). Not reviewed on the blog.

Paper Hearts by Meg Wiviott

Paper Hearts by Meg Wiviott (cover)

Don’t miss this beautiful novel in verse and its themes of friendship and survival. My review here.

The Deal of a Lifetime or And Every Morning the Way Home Gets Longer and Longer by Fredrik Backman

And Every Morning the Way Home Gets Longer and Longer

I adore Backman and I wonder if you’ve read his two poignant novellas? Titles are links to my reviews.

Castle of Water by Dane Hucklebridge

Castle of Water by Dane Huckelbridge (cover)

There is something about this survival story that is unputdownable! My review here.

Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi

Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi cover (yellow background with red and blue and black designs)

Homegoing is an ambitious multi-generational family saga that earned my best read of the year in 2017. I read this before I started writing blog reviews.

We Were the Lucky Ones by Georgia Hunter

We Were the Lucky Ones by Georgia Hunter (cover)

This unputdownable WWII histfic story has one of the most memorable, lovely, and satisfying endings! My review here.

Do you love to talk about backlist books?
Do you have a favorite backlist recomendation?

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  1. I like your list, Carol. I have read 5 of these and have 2 on my TBR. I will check out Homegoing, Castle of Water and We Were the Lucky Ones. I have heard of them all, but will see if my library has them.

  2. “Do you touch their covers in greeting and recognition when you are in a bookstore?” Yes!! I’m always so thrilled to find a book 5+ years old that I’ve loved right there on the shelf, waiting for someone else to recognize its potential.

    I haven’t heard of most of these, but Saving CeeCee Honeycutt must have been huge because while I’ve rarely seen it talked about online, it’s a perpetual favorite among thrift stores and used book sale stock. I think it’s gradually disappearing, but there was a time I almost could not go to one of those places without seeing a copy.

    my post:

    • Thanks for the solidarity in touching covers! We’re not weird, right?! That’s interesting about CeeCee being a thrift store fav! Hopping over to read your post! Thanks for commenting!

  3. I haven’t read any of these Carol, and no, you’re not alone. I have books that I just pick up and hold when I am feeling upset, and they calm me. I guess book love can work both ways. 💕📚

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