A Week In the Life of the Block Editor and Me #WordPress #BlockEditor

August 25, 2020

A Week in the Life of the WordPress Block Editor and Me:

Dear Blogging Friends,

A week ago I began my adventure with the new Block Editor, and this is my seven-day journal of that experience. I held my breath and dove into the deep end without any preparation. You might laugh at me or feel sorry for me, but I hope that sharing my experience will also be a benefit!

WordPress Woes: A Journal

Have you seen my “Growth Mindset”?

August 19, 2020

It’s time to bite the bullet and put in some practice time with the Block Editor. For a while I’ve been avoiding it entirely by using a “work around”; i.e. copying an existing Classic Editor post and rewriting it. I’m still doing that, but I also created this practice post to build up my Block Editor skills.

OK…..first major frustration! I reread my first paragraph and found something I wanted to edit. I COULD NOT get my cursor to work within the block. I tried for five minutes before I copied and pasted the text into a new block which I was able to edit and then I deleted the old one. (***Edit to add that I have since noticed an “edit” option above a paragraph that will activate it again.) This is the type of shenanigans I don’t have time for!!! I need to know that I can easily return to edit my writing.

Something else that I’m noticing is that when I try to edit, my cursor doesn’t always follow and will sometimes select an odd place to land so that if I’m not careful, my edits end up in the middle of some random line. We will need to watch this carefully! Is anyone else experiencing this?

Thankfully, adding an image (my main post image at the top) seems to be fairly straightforward. I clicked on the + icon and selected an Image block. Then I added the image like I did with Classic Editor using the Media Library. When the image is placed in the post and it’s selected, you can use the edit bar above it to choose alignment and you will use the side bar to add Alt Text, adjust the size, etc.

The next task I attempt is to add color to text. In the classic editor, the color option was clearly visible on the editing bar. After some investigation, I did find out how to add color to the text (on the editing bar it’s under the “v” pulldown menu)….but the available colors are limited compared to what is available in the Classic Editor. I’m color-coding blue anything for which I need to find an answer. It’s slightly annoying that I need to use a pulldown menu to access text color….I need it to be always on the edit bar by default!

While I looked for text color, it also occurred to me that I need to look for how to add special characters (especially accents). I can’t find a special characters menu. Anyone???

A major element I will attempt today is a GIF. (Keep in mine….I BARELY know how to use a GIF in the Classic Editor) First, I choose my Gif and copy the link. Now, I start having difficulty. I click on the + but I don’t know which type of block to choose. I try using the standard paragraph block and paste the link into the “link” tool from the edit bar….NO. I delete the paragraph block and click on the + to try another type of block. I try an image block….NO. I select “browse all” and try video….NO. I don’t see one that says GIF. So finally because I’m out of options, I type GIF into the search bar and a GIF box pops up. I paste my URL into the correct place and click enter. It works!!! (see GIF at the top of this post)

TL;DR: I can use a GIF block to embed a GIF. It seems simple, but I didn’t see it until I did a search. I know now that options for text color are under the “v” pulldown menu in the edit bar. I can insert an image using the Image block. Time spent: one hour. I’m done for the day.

August 20, 2020

I should be able to handle this!

Yesterday left me a bit intimidated though. Is the entire blog post going to be this time consuming? I should be able to handle this (yet I continue to resist embracing my growth mindset).

Where is my “growth mindset” when I need it?! One more pesky annoyance is that in EACH paragraph, I need to reselect the last color I used. (In Classic, the last color I used stayed in the editing bar until I changed colors.) I’m a COLOR person, so this simple detail will cause considerable frustration!

I’ve hit another snag! I want to make a bulleted list here and I can’t find the bullet feature! Ah HA! I just found it under the paragraph formatting option! So here we go…

  • I have an associates degree in Graphics Technology (in addition to other degrees).
  • I spent years as a graphic designer.
  • I’m proficient in programs such as Pagemaker, Quark, Photoshop, and Illustrator.
  • I have used Microsoft Office for years and can create documents, PowerPoints, and a simple Excel Spreadsheet.
  • As a teacher, I mastered SmartBoard technology (Promethean Board) and other programs such as Accelerated Reader, electronic report cards, and generated many reports.

So, why is this intimidating?

This new Block Editor should not be a major obstacle to blogging for me, but it is. I tried the Block Editor once last year and spent one entire afternoon attempting to create a post before I reverted back to Classic. I think I just don’t want to invest the time in another learning curve when I’d rather be reading and creating content! I understand that some bloggers may need the advanced features, but for my simple book review format, I’d prefer to stick with Classic.

Have I listened to or watched a tutorial? NO. I think because of my above experience, I hope I can just figure it out! What I have found to be generally true for me is that if I fiddle with it first, tutorials tend to make a lot more sense. So I’m sure a tutorial is in my future!

TL;DR: Well…so far…so good. Just entering plain text (hitting the return key automatically brings up a new paragraph block). I didn’t try anything extra fancy except those bullets! Applying color to text requires extra steps. (reminder; if you create a custom color, write down the code somewhere in case you use it again!) Selecting heading size is fairly straight forward and in the same place as before. I still can’t find a special characters menu…..and I am wondering if Block Editor automatically saves my draft because I had to do a manual save just now. Time spent: one hour.

All for today!

August 21, 2020

(I want to insert a picture right here so my text will wrap it) OK…I’ve hit a major problem and I might need to contact my blogging phone-a-friends! I CANNOT figure out how to drop an image into a block so that the text wraps the image. Grrrrr….. For now, I’m leaving it above the text, but it’s not how I have always done it in Classic. I inserted an image into this paragraph block and you’ll see what I mean when it ends up above the paragraph with no wrapping. SOS! Anyone?

(I’m interrupting here to report that my post is automatically saving my draft….an answer to my question from yesterday.)

Another aspect I experimented with today is setting publishing details (social media sharing, categories, tags, excerpt, etc) Here’s what I found: first select the black settings wheel icon (next to the publishing option in the top right). It will default to “block,” so select “post.” Here you can schedule your post to publish (by clicking on “immediately” to set a date and time) or just leave the immediately setting. Farther down you can select categories and tags, featured image, and write an excerpt. Hummmm…..where do I find the twitter social media sharing? Davida at The Chocolate Lady’s Book Review Blog to the rescue! (she had to contact support to find out) It’s going to take a village! So to edit your twitter message, select the small circular green (jetpack) icon at the top next to the settings option….this will bring up a new window where you can set up social media sharing and customize the message. I only have twitter connected, but I assume all the social media options are available here. Clicking on the green icon again will toggle off this window. To continue with settings, select the black wheel (settings) and “post” again. This was all in one place in Classic Editor…now it’s in two windows. I feel thrilled to navigate all these settings without accidentally hitting “publish”! I’ll take the win!

TL; DR: I managed settings OK today (with help from Davida); “Inserting an image” and wrapping text, however was a FAIL. Time spent: two hours.

I’ve had enough for today!

August 22, 2020

OK…..last night I thought about how to insert text and make it wrap and I remembered that Karen @ Booker Talk published a post on the Block Editor but it was during the time I had my head in the sand! I went back to read her post and found out that I need to look for a block called Media and Text to make a text wrap. Thanks Karen!

Help! I have no idea where or how to find a Media and Text block! But I do remember under settings that I have the option of Block settings or Post settings. So, I’ll start there. ….oops! Not there! Now, I remember that + icon that shows up under the paragraph when you start your next paragraph. So I click on that and Voila! I see different types of blocks! But I don’t see Media and Text, so I click “browse all” and it brings up another window on the left with all the possibilities. When I scroll down, I’m able to locate Media and Text. Whew! OK…now I’m ready to see how this works. Below you can see how the block looks when I add an image and text.

OK?!?!??!!? This two column format is not exactly what I am looking for…..the image on the left defaults to the center of the column and I can change that to the top….but then the text starts below it. I still can’t get it to wrap around the bottom….unless I cut some text and make another block underneath??? This seems way too laborious! I’m going to ask Karen and try it again later! I’ll leave it like this and create it again with an explanation if I can make it work! Grrrrr….

Abi Daré grew up in Lagos, Nigeria, and has lived in the UK for over eighteen years. She studied law at the University of Wolverhampton and has an MSc in International Project Management from Glasgow Caledonian University as well as an MA in Creative Writing at Birkbeck, University of London. The Girl with the Louding Voice won the Bath Novel Award for unpublished manuscripts in 2018 and was also selected as a finalist in the 2018 Literary Consultancy Pen Factor competition. Abi lives in Essex with her husband and two daughters, who inspired her to write her debut novel.

TL;DR: Image wrapped by text FAIL (two days now!). Time spent: one and one half hours.

August 23, 2020

OK…. Tina @ Reading Between the Pages came up with a alternative solution to my image wrapping problem!

First, use the Image block (click on the + and select image from the pull down menu).

Next, create a paragraph block underneath it and write or paste your text.

Finally, click on the image and select left (or right) and the text below should wrap like this! YAY! This will work!

Author Abi Daré

Abi Daré grew up in Lagos, Nigeria, and has lived in the UK for over eighteen years. She studied law at the University of Wolverhampton and has an MSc in International Project Management from Glasgow Caledonian University as well as an MA in Creative Writing at Birkbeck, University of London. The Girl with the Louding Voice won the Bath Novel Award for unpublished manuscripts in 2018 and was also selected as a finalist in the 2018 Literary Consultancy Pen Factor competition. Abi lives in Essex with her husband and two daughters, who inspired her to write her debut novel.

Incidentally, Karen replied back to me and also suggested the same option as Tina.

I think I’ll end on a high note today!

TL;DR: Text-wrapped image success! Time spent: One hour.

August 24, 2020

Today, I played around a bit with Reusable Blocks for content that routinely appears at the end of my blog posts. In the classic editor, I copied and pasted this information from a previous post. I decided to experiment with reusable blocks to see if it might save me some time! To create a reusable block, click on the 3 small dots at the end of the editing bar and find “add to reusable blocks” in the pulldown menu. You can group paragraphs to make one savable block and name it. I created a few reusable blocks and labeled them.

Eventually, my goal is to make a book review template using the new Block Editor and reusable paragraphs.

TL;DR: I spent time investigating reusuable blocks. Time spent: one hour.

August 25, 2020

I’m experiencing some frustrations using the reusable blocks I created yesterday. I saved them as ONE group block and now I can’t add color to the subheadings. I’m going to delete the combined reusable block and make separate blocks that I know how to edit. ……. I’m taking time to do that now…..Grrrr…. I feel like I wasted my time yesterday.

Tina @ Reading Between the Lines sent me this article on how to create and use Reusable Blocks. Thanks Tina! From a quick look at the article, I realize that if you edit a reusable block (for example the subheading color), that it changes the block everywhere you have used it in the past. This is not good. A workaround is the option to change the block back to a regular block before editing….then it will only change the block you are working on and not in any other posts. I think I will not use reusable blocks as much as I first thought I would because I almost always change colors for each post. It’s back to copying and pasting for me I think!

FINDS OF THE DAY: (1) I found a horizontal LINE Block (separator) !!! Click on the + and then do a search for blocks using the word “line”….you will find a small line separator and a paragraph length line! I’ve been looking for this all week to use between my standard end-of-post paragraphs ! I’m doing a “happy dance” right now! (2) I also found that I can close a gap or increase a gap between paragraphs by using the up or down arrows next to the paragraph symbol. (I had deleted a paragraph and thought I was stuck with a big gap.)

What I still need to know:

***One thing I’m still uncertain about is manually running the entire post through Grammarly before I publish. I do see the Grammarly icon below each paragraph block. For the first few paragraphs, I was able to edit the paragraphs in Grammarly one block at a time. Unfortunately, this only lasted for a few paragraphs and then my clicks started producing blank screens. So much for using Grammarly.

With Classic, even though I was prompted with spelling edits, I always put the entire post through a Grammarly check before hitting “publish.” I can’t find out how to do that with the Bock Editor and editing with Grammarly at the end of each block refuses to work consistently. Anyone???

In fact, I just paused to do a Google search and it seems like there are many complaints about the Grammarly and Block Editor interface. Lots of frustration and finger-pointing that seem to be directed at Grammarly. (I guess I’m pleading *not responsible for errors* in this post!)

***I never found the special characters menu. Anyone???

***Assigning text color is the most annoying of tasks! In the classic editor, once you assign a color, it remains an option in the entire post (until you change the color). But with Block Editor, the color needs to be chosen again for EVERY block! (and if you’ve used a custom color, the code has to be entered each time) So if each block has a subheading, you will be hassling with color frequently. I couldn’t figure out how to change the color of the subheadings in the reusable blocks when they were grouped together. So, that was super annoying until I converted them to regular blocks! In fact, after writing this post, I realize that the element I’m having the most difficulty with is color which seems ridiculous to me.

TIP: If you’re switching to Block Editor, now is the time to connect with your blogging community to ask questions and offer support!

TL;DR: I gained new knowledge about using Reusable Blocks. I WILL be watching a tutorial soon and specifically looking for answers to my blue-coded questions. Time spent today: two hours.

Time spent for a FINAL edit (Where are you Grammarly?!): one hour.

TOTAL time spent on post: ten and one half hours. Significantly more time than I would have spent creating this in the Classic Editor.

For my simple book review format, I can see NO advantage for using the Block Editor. I imagine I will become more efficient over time, but still….the Block Editor seems like a lot of fuss for minimal gain and an intimidating learning curve.

I hope my musings haven’t confused you! Producing this journal entry post allowed me to practice while at the same time giving you a peek into my process. I can confidently say that I “got my feet wet!”

NEXT STEPS: In the next few days, I want to work on creating a book review template in the Block Editor. This saved me a great deal of time in the Classic Editor, so I’m hoping it will work the same with the new platform.

Thank you surrounded by a floral wreath

A special shout out and thanks to Karen @ Booker Talk and Tina @ Reading Between the Pages and Davida @ The Chocolate Lady’s Book Review Blog for helping me navigate my first week with the Block Editor! You are the wind beneath my wings!



Have you started using the new Block Editor? What has been your experience? Do you have tips or questions for me? I’m always happy to share if you need help or encouragement or feel a rant coming on!


Happy Reading Book Friends!

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~Rainer Maria Rilke

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  1. I’ve been using the block editor for over a year and I still find myself frustrated with it quite often. As far as I can tell, there is no option to include special characters without a plugin. I’ve been using the alt codes! I know that there is a “classic editor” block that might be helpful!

    • Thanks for the comment. I’m wondering if the one special characters plugin is something everyone can get or if it is only available for certain plans? To create a platform for people who write without a special characters option is ridiculous! Maybe I’ll contact support!

  2. Great post Carol, thanks for sharing this! I had a try today and it was okay, nothing like using the classic editor though. I think it’s more set up for newer bloggers using it for small businesses, definitely not for us book bloggers who have more text than images in our posts.

  3. I also find the block editor a bit of a pain. I definitively miss the special characters. I now copy and past special characters from Word, but that’s ridiculous.

    • It seems that special characters is a basic for any word processing platform! I’m happy in a way to know it wasn’t even there after looking so hard for it! 😂 I think I’ll register my complaint with them! Thanks for commenting!

  4. I’m slow getting used to it but still not a fan of it. There are a couple of formatting features missing or I still haven’t found. The one I used to use for all my posts was the Justify font so it’s all in one line. I can’t find it now and I feel it makes my posts look messy☹☹

    • Thanks for commenting! I think I’ve seen justify…..but I don’t know where! If I see it again I’ll get back to you! Block editor doesn’t seem to be word processing friendly! 😫

    • I use justify too. It’s there but not in the part you’d expect! In the options for each block, there’s a but that says other options (I think – on my phone just now so can’t check!). If you click on that you will find the justify options as well as underlining. One annoying thing is you need to do this for each block individually which is a pain!

      • Thank you so much…I’ll pass along your tip! I really dislike all the extra work that the blocks require….justify each paragraph, select color each paragraph… sigh….
        Thanks for your helpful comment!!!

      • Thank you Joanne!!! Will check it out when I log in on the site as I’m on my phone too. ❤❤❤

      • Just checked on my laptop – on the box that pops up above a block, click the down arrow towards the right (more rich text controls) and it’s in there.

    • Joanne @ Portobello Book Blog just answered your question!

      “I use justify too. It’s there but not in the part you’d expect! In the options for each block, there’s a but that says other options (I think – on my phone just now so can’t check!). If you click on that you will find the justify options as well as underlining. One annoying thing is you need to do this for each block individually which is a pain!”

    • Part of my resistance is I just don’t see the benefit! Why fix something that isn’t broken? I know there are bloggers who will appreciate the block editor for what they want to accomplish, but the only thing I see is that it’s adding stress to my blogging life! Have you received your email that says you are now using block editor? There’s still a classic editor version available but not for much longer. I figured I better get started with the transition so I’m ready when it’s the only option. For now, I’ll use classic as much as possible and create a practice post for block editor where I can continue practicing. I was amazed that I could actually complete this post today all in Block editor! So it boosts my confidence some! Good luck Jennifer! I know our blogging friends stand ready to offer support!

      • I totally understand- I feel the same. We should not be forced to use a new one if we don’t like it or need it. Just let us keep the old version. I wonder if there’s a way to give them this feedback. Surely we can’t be alone? I have not received the email and have been just plugging away with the old editor. I prepare my posts two or three weeks in advance, but I don’t have the time right now to learn the new editor. I’m going to have to make the time, but the timing is really not good. I’m glad you have been able to figure it out but that was a TON of work. I only blog from my iPad and I imagine it will be even trickier than from a computer.

      • When Jonetta gave them feedback their response was very curt and indicated that she just needs to get used to it because it won’t be a choice much longer.
        I received my email last week and it lit a fire under me to at least try! Now I know I can do it even though it’s annoying. When I opened my next post after receiving the email I chose to use the classic editor for that post….but it looked different with some features of the block editor.

      • I just read an article that said they have no set date to remove it. They are getting so much pushback on it, I am not sure they will completely remove it. The optimist in me! 😂

      • Oh that’s hopeful news! I put some WP hashtags on my IG post…maybe they’ll see it! I’m going to post a few more times to twitter too and use their hashtags. I think those of us who write simple book reviews don’t need a new editor! Maybe they’ll decide to offer both for a while! I’m going to use the classic as long as I can as a protest!

      • One message said it would be at least 2022, but then another said that they had no set date. I am ok with either. They have to know they will potentially lose customers. I am protesting with you! 😂 ❤️

      • That’s good news! I’m happy with our supportive blogging community where we all have each other’s back!

    • 😂😂😂 I’m sure I’ll eventually watch a tutorial! 😂😂😂 so many of us are struggling…I’m hoping they might rethink this and let us have a choice of keeping classic!

      • I finally just stopped allowing myself to return to the classic editor and am forcing myself to use the new blocks. The switching was too stressful. LOL I know they planned it that way, right?

  5. I’m glad you are slowly but surly figuring out the block editor! Change can be difficult, but it is out of our hands so all we can do is support each other and embrace it. I agree with you on the color issue, I don’t use color a lot, but when I do I am constantly having to reset it.

  6. The colour thing is a real pain! I have found a way to change all the blocks at once. If you highlight them all but not too far, they should have have a box outline, you have an option to group thw blocks. If you so that then choose a colour, all text will change. Unfortunately this seems to change hyperlinks too so they are no longer blue. I liked in the old editor how you could highlight and change each individual word’s colour but it doesn’t seem to be an option now. It’s all or nothing for the blocks! I like a lot of the new editor but would like to be able to do things like format all blocks at the same time, not individually. Good luck!

    • Thanks for the troubleshooting! I’ll keep practicing with it! I’ll keep your tip in mind when I want to change sections of text color. I was able to change color on individual words in a block. But I don’t like having to reselect that color for each of the follow blocks! Why couldn’t they leave the color option as a default in the editing bar?! Surely they had a test group who provided feedback!

      • How did you do individual words? Every time I’ve tried, the whole block changes. I’d like to be able to change the hyperlinks colour as I used to.

      • I highlighted the words I wanted to change and then selected the pull down menu in the editing bar and scrolled down to select “text color” and that pulls up color options. As long as you are in the block it will keep the color option in your editing bar. Going on to a new block requires using the steps again. Let me know if that works for you!

      • I’m so thankful for the supportive blogging community! I’m happy to hear it’s working for you! 🙌

  7. I always copy and paste any special characters I want from Word – even if I have to open a new Word document to get it up. I’m sure I inserted a special character on WP once, but however I did it seems to have disappeared (unless it was in a Classic block…? Maybe)
    Cutting and pasting is quicker.
    It does seem ridiculous that I have to go through all the rigmarole of copying and pasting the code for my first Custom colour on a block into any other block where I want to use it. I’m all forgiving us the option of Custom colours, but the meagre selection of colours my theme suggests are all grey, apart from one. Bring back the colour grid from the Classic editor.
    I’ve been serialising a story and have found it impossible to format paragraphs to indicate a text conversation – I couldn’t indent them. I thought that the Quote block might fit the bill, but when I went to Preview it was far too big and I see nowhere to change font size . I’m not saying neither of these things are possible, but I haven’t been able to find how to do them.
    All those different bolocks may well include the one I want, but life’s too short to investigate them all. Especially as the whole shebang is likely to change without warning from one day to the next.
    I’ve been using the Block Editor almost since it was introduced, but I still need the Classic editor for some things, which argues that it isn’t time to do away with it yet (and once the Classic Editor is gone, I suspect the Classic Block won’t be far behind.
    Does anyone know where to send my feedback to WordPress? All I’ve found so far is a chat box.

    • It doesn’t seem that the Blocks have been created with writers in mind…maybe more for graphic designers?
      The special characters icon is still there on my classic editor editing bar….it’s the horseshoe looking symbol.
      Yeah…the color is a major disappointment…I do have a handful of colors but only half of what I had with Classic. And I found out the hard way how important it is to copy the code because I came back the next day to continue working and when I highlighted the color I wanted to use to see the code, it said #00000 😫 so I started all over and selected a different color! From now on I’ll copy the color # into my blog calendar!
      Sorry about your conversation difficulties. I have no idea….have you tried searching for a dialogue block? Maybe if you wrote in Word and copied and pasted into a block it would retain format? If I run across something I’ll let you know.
      I have no idea where to send feedback. I know someone who did send feedback so I’ll ask her and get back to you.
      Thanks for taking time to comment Cathy!

      • Thanks but I’ll stick to the Classic block for my text message dialogue – while it’s still with us. (If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it.)

  8. I’m not really using the block editor, because even with the new system, I’m still in classic mode, and refuse to update to blocks. So… I can still insert characters/symbols with that omega sign in the toolbar. What I’m finding very annoying is putting in links where you have to click on the little cog symbol to check the box so that the link will open in a new window for people who click! Go figure why they had to update things and make it harder for us all. One more thing… underline! If you like it, I discovered you need to highlight the text and then do CTRL+U! Stupid they can’t put that and full justification into the damned toolbar!

    • The toolbar is sooooo limited! Why?!?! I don’t think this was created with writers in mind! One other irritation is trying to search for old content to link…..I tried several times and nothing comes up. I link to previous content frequently so i guess I need to open up my blog content in another window and manually copy and paste ….more unnecessary steps and wasting my time!
      I’m going to keep using classic as long as I can. I just attempted this post to make sure I could actually do it if Classic completely disappears one day!

      • You mean link to previous blog posts? Highlight the text, click on link and then click on the cog symbol on the right, and that should bring up a dialog box like we used to have in the old editor. I haven’t tried to search for old posts with the new editor but I can see it, because that’s the way you can change a link so that it opens in a new window when someone clicks on your link.

      • Yes…link to previous post.
        I’m doing what you describe but when I hit the cog symbol it just spins and spins and brings up nothing! 😫

      • Oh… that’s not good. Are you working through a browser or through the application? I use a browser, and if you do too, have you tried doing it using a different browser? If you’re using it through the application, maybe try using it through a browser.

      • I closed everything and restarted my laptop this morning and tried it again and it’s working! Thanks! 👍

      • When in doubt unplug! 😂😂😂 one commenter indicated that we won’t be getting special characters and writing it in Word and copying and pasting is the only option other than using code which I don’t know. 😫😫😫 I’m going to contact support one day and ask them.
        I’ve had such a frustrating afternoon…I created my review for Friday in Classic because I just needed “easy.” Well when I was editing suddenly my entire post disappeared and a message appeared “content copied to clipboard”…..ok that was weird…I hit undo but nothing so I hit paste to see if it would come back. It did BUT it came back in BLOCKS and I lost all my formatting! I looked all over and couldn’t find an option to revert back to Classic, so I’ve spent another 2 hours tonight reformatting my post block by block! 😫😫😫😫so frustrating! I guess I’ll Publish my Friday review in block editor, like it or not.

  9. Great post, very informative! I wish someone had a solution on the special characters — I can’t find them either, and it’s really annoying when I have to include a word without its appropriate accent. You have some great tips here. I’ve been using block editor for review posts for about six months now and I think I’ve gotten the hang of it, but I haven’t looked into reusable blocks, and I’m sure there’s a lot more to explore.

    • Thanks! From what I hear special characters is not available at all! Doesn’t seem like this editor was created with writers in mind! It seems that bloggers are creating them in a Word document and then copying and pasting. Thanks for commenting Lisa!

  10. […] Speaking of the block editor, Carol at Reading Ladies shared her experience of using it for a week. She had a lot of ups and downs, but some of the things she learned were helpful for me. I think those of us who are struggle with it will relate to her experience! Check out the comments for other bloggers who are having difficulties with it as well. […]

  11. OMG! thank you for posting this. TODAY was my first struggle with this s**t. I use color for text – glad you found out where it is; I didn’t bother. I normally have MANY words in need of accents over letters – gotta go to “class block”. Ditto when I wanted a BULLET list. What got to me in the end (and I’ve still not fixed it all) is the images. In today’s blog post – 3 images – only one “centered”. The others, If the picture centered, the caption did not. Fixed it like SIX times; Gave Up! My blogs are text-centric with usually a picture or two. When I viewed the WHOLE blog – ALL my recent-ish posts had GIGANTIC pictures. They didn’t get posted that way… I see a plug-in – if one has a “business edition” — is this a money gambit? I had wanted to pay to get rid of ads – now, I’m rethinking that thought. I just tried to update my (lengthy) “about the author” page, and — because it’s “Classic” had to highlight where I wanted a new link, go to the top menu, click _LINK_, and go back down to where (thank goodness) a “blank box” was sitting for the URL. WASTE of my time to fix the bugs that are cropping into my blog (and I have two additional blogs on WordPress).

    • All I can say is that I feel your pain! It helps to know I’m not alone on the struggle bus! The block editor makes me feel dumb! I think the block editor might be geared more toward graphic designers because it doesn’t have some basic word processing functions. There’s no reason color has to be so difficult! I’m really struggling with some images! I wish I could answer your questions! I’m afraid to look at my whole blog! I can’t deal with fixing all the glitches! I did find bullets in the block editor though! Just no accents 😫 Good luck to you! Thanks for commenting! I’m landing on watching a tutorial and I’ll post an update if I learn how to navigate this better! I have reached out to some bloggers who have been doing this a while….sometimes I can get help other times they don’t know either. We’re all struggling but it’s not much comfort when we’re desperate to write a post!

      • I’ve been blogging since 2007 with WordPress. Please note (or edit!) in the above I meant the “Classic Block”. Bad enough spending HOURS on content (that’s what we writers do, right?) but not on hunting for something that was once _right there_. It rather reminds me of Publisher (a program I love, but, let’s face it, it’s main purpose is “newsletter” kind of composition), so I agree – picture-rich people will love it. I don’t post a lot of pictures because they come from private collections and archives.

        As to images – I think it pops them them in as LARGE, and I used to grab the “handles” and pull smaller – so they cannot claim MORE control over size than before. The weird thing with justification of a picture and it’s caption, I have no clue.

        You might find this useful: https://gogutenberg.com/blocks/paragraph/ I found it while trying to find your paragraph formatting (for the bullets).

        I never got any email – just went in to day and it was *changed*.

        But it lead me to YOUR blog – and I love BOOKS!! k

      • Re edit….. I knew what you meant!
        If I figure out how to center the caption, I’ll comment back here for you! I’m making a list of items for a follow up post. Thank you for visiting my blog! It’s a pleasure to chat with you! 🙌

  12. What a great post Carol. I will be bookmarking this one to refer back to when I have a question. I am still using the Classic Editor and am worried that it will disappear soon, then I will have no choice but to switch. I tried it a couple of times, but it was too time consuming and frustrating. I would rather use that time for other things. Again, thanks for sharing this diary with us.

    • Thanks Carla! decided I better try Block Editor in case one day that’s all that was available! 😂 Now I know that I can at least get a post out…… but I’ve relapsed back to Classic and I’ll use that until I’m absolutely forced to used the new one. It’s too time consuming and I’d rather be reading!

  13. I think that WordPress bloggers need to unite and create a petition to have the new Block Editor removed.
    The old editor was quirky but at least I could write, edit and post my recipe or article without hours of trying to figure the new block editor out.

    To add to this frustration I have tonight started getting AMP error messages from Google that are nothing to do with me but is affecting how google list my posts! I have Tweeted to WordPress.com
    https://twitter.com/wannabetvchef/status/1305982559210397698 and hope people who read this also go to social media and let WordPress know how barmy their new editor is.

    I have trouble understanding why they think this overly complicated mess (Block Editor) helps us blog?
    In my opinion this is someone’s ego trip and unless we as bloggers fight back we will be stuck with it.

    Gradually, they are forcing us to adopt Block Editor whether we want it or not. I do hope others feel that we should send a clear message rather than just leave comments, the hierarchy of WordPress will never see.

    • A petition might work! The ONLY POSITIVE TWEAK I’ve noticed is that the search option for looking for an old blog post or for searching a link to old content is much improved from before! But the rest of it smh 🤦‍♀️ I’ve gone back to using classic. Hopefully that’s an option until the block editor sorts itself out! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! 🙌

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