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Throwing up the White Flag

(for bloggers who use WordPress)
This is my final update for Block Editor. I’m a die-hard Classic Editor user until I’m not. :::::Sigh::::: so many glitches with Classic lately. The hyperlink tool is wonky and only works intermittently, and the toolbar is stuck at the top of the page. Have you experienced these or other difficulties with Classic? The toolbar stuck at the top and not following my content is what causes me to dig out the white flag and surrender to the Block Editor. {{{{{ I hear some of my blogger friends cheering! }}}}} I doubt it would help to ask WP for assistance because likely Classic is no longer supported.

Luckily, I’ve dabbled in Block and you can see update #1 here and #2 here. I need to spend some time making friends with Block Editor and creating Block Editor templates which in the long run makes everything easier. I have a heavy review schedule in June, so I’ll be stressed (not ideal timing to make this decision). As I’ve struggled with Block Editor in the past, blogging friends have answered my questions and supported and encouraged me. I know I can count on you!
QOTD: Have you made the leap to Block Editor or are you clinging to Classic?


  1. Hi, Carol – Your closing photo made me laugh out load. I’ve been using the Block Editor for so long now that I barely remember the Classic version. But you may have answered a question for me. A blogger whom I write guest posts for often can’t achieve the same look on her WordPress site that I achieve on mine. I never thought to ask if she was using the Classic Editor. I will now pop over and ask her!

  2. OMG, Carol! I feel your pain. I haven’t been having as many issues as you have lately…but it’s been so glitchy. I’m currently working on my first post that is a combination of classic editor with blocks added. I’ll let you know how it turns out. Like you, I have a full calendar for June but need to find time to recreate all my templates in block form. It’s a daunting task, isn’t it? Here’s wishing us both lots of luck….and wine, don’t forget the wine.

  3. Lol! I’m not really a wine person either, but it’s kind of the expected answer in this situation. I do love diet Dr. Pepper, but my go to drink is coffee…in a cup, can, bottle, etc. This switch to Block Editor may be cause for an IV!!!

    • I completely understand! This was me until my toolbar became stubbornly attached to the top of the page! It drove me crazy scrolling up and down!

  4. Carol, I’m glad you’re making a switch. I don’t have a blog, but as a subscriber I have had some trouble with yours recently. As I scroll it keeps wanting to jump to the top of the page. Hopefully, it will work better as you switch.

    • Oh Debi, that’s interesting feedback. I was wondering as well if the glitches were on my end, with the Classic Editor, or with WordPress itself. We’ll see. Hopefully everything will work better now. Let me know if it doesn’t and I’ll address it with WordPress. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  5. You know where I stand on block editor! I struggled with my first attempt to use it but gave it a second go and much prefer it to classic editor. It gives you far more flexibility with size of text and ability to move paragraphs around.

    Classic editor is no longer being supported by WP ……

  6. I’ve actually never known the Classic version until tonight… When WP updated the last version, all things like text justification and other editor options literally disappeared and I couldn’t get anything to work despite installing various plugins. So, I’ve now had to go to Classic Editor and I added a ton of buttons to the top toolbar. I actually like the toolbar stuck at the top, but it’s going to take a long time to get used to this new version as I had always known Block Editor. Why can’t they just make one version with all options available and then everyone can just tick/untick what they want/don’t want or need/don’t need and everyone will be happy!!

    • Good luck with Classic. I found it very glitchy and it annoyed me to scroll up and down to access the tool bar. Maybe WP in general is wonky! I used Block today to write a post and haven’t noticed anything missing. Maybe your theme needs to be updated? I had a very old theme last year and when I updated it things worked better in general. I think it would be easier for WP to develop one option and combine the best of both! Thanks for commenting Ellie!

  7. I’ve been using the block editor pretty much since it came out. I wasn’t keen at first but now it’s second nature. Please just ask if I can help with anything.

    • Thanks Joanne! I’ll put you on my SOS list! I think once I get my templates made it will be easier! I still can’t find the special characters menu though. Have you just memorized the keyboard shortcuts?

  8. I liked the block editor when my site was on WP (I had many other issues, but the editor was great for me). If you are making templates, the HTML is so nice and clean with the blocks.

  9. I’ve been trying to keep with classic but created a few with the block editor, so I guess I ought to do more if classic is no longer being supported. The toolbar stuck at the top is annoying when doing formatting or links, a sign to move on and uplevel I guess. It’s encouraging to read how others have adapted to it, so thank you for creating this post allowing that to be shared, it’s helpful.

    • Thanks for commenting Claire! This week my frustration level with classic hit a new high with the dumb toolbar! I calculated that the Block Editor can’t be more frustrating, so time for me to switch over!

    • I’m just finished a post that took me twice as long to create 😰but I’m committed now and won’t turn back! Thanks for commenting!

  10. I use Block Editor for all my posts except Stacking the Shelves and It’s Monday, What Are You Reading. I don’t use templates, but do copy and past blocks. I have very simple posts and pages though, so that is probably why. I love that last image, Carol. Good Luck.

    • Thanks Carla! My biggest hurdle so far with Block is assigning color to text. It’s cumbersome compared with Classic. I miss the Classic Color palette. Block gives me only blue and a few shades of gray….otherwise I have to hunt for my own. Todays post took me twice as long as usual and it was a simple review post. I’ll stick with it though.

  11. Hi Carol. I’m a die-hard classic editor user. My experiences with the block editor have been disastrous. I’ve noticed no new significant problems with the classic editor. Fingers crossed…

    • Lol! I remember your graphic of the woman shooting a gun at the computer! With Classic, is your toolbar stuck to the top of the page….,that was so annoying! I hope you can keep going with Classic! Maybe it’s my theme that’s not working with Classic?? Any way, I’ve made the leap now.

  12. Happily still using the classic editor😁 and even though the tool bar disappears as I scroll down, a short one scroll up seems to bring it back to visibility for me. I’m honestly not having the problems you’ve been experiencing,I wonder why it’s affected some but not all of us?🤷🏻‍♀️

    • The toolbar stuck at the top and the glitchy hyper link caused so much frustration! Maybe it’s my theme? I have no idea why I started experiencing all this! I’m happy Classic still works for you!

      • I don’t know, it could be a theme. The only other thing I’d try is using a different browser and trying to see if it works. I went through some problems using Amazon to leave reviews a few months back, it works now, but during those few weeks I had to use Edge instead of Firefox on my laptop. Either way Ihope you’re able to find an easy way to use the block editor if classic doesn’t improve.❤️

      • Thanks for the idea. I do use Firefox, so maybe??? I’ve made templates for Block now, so posting should become easier and easier!

  13. I preferred Classic, but switched over to Block a long time ago. I can use it fine, but it just feels a bit clunkier to me for some reason.

  14. I’m still using the classic editor. 😂 It’s the blocks that have a problem for me. I still can’t completely write with blocks. It is too stressful for me. 😭 I just wanna write. Good thing the classic is still working on my side. Whenever I use blocks, the photos don’t appear properly in jetpack app for mobile.

    • I heard someone mention that she does all her writing in Word and then copies and pastes into Block and Block automatically generates headings and paragraphs. Maybe that will help? I do need to check how my posts are looking in a mobile format. It’s ok on my iPad but I haven’t checked the phone. I’m happy to hear Classic is still working for you. Block is just so clunky to use!

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