1st Line/1st Chapter

May 7, 2019

1st Line/1st Chapter

I’m linking up today with Vicki @ I’d Rather Be At The Beach who hosts a meme every Tuesday to share the First Chapter/First Paragraph of the book you are currently reading.

First Paragraph

I’m pleased to share the first line and first full chapter of Paper Hearts by Meg Wiviott (mature Middle Grade/Young Adult/Adult). I’ve read a few great reviews, and I’m eager to bring you my full review soon. If you appreciate free verse, you might love this!

From Goodreads: Paper Hearts is the story of survival, defiance, and friendship. Based on historical events about a group of girls who were slave laborers at the munitions factory in Auschwitz.

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Paper Hearts 2

Genre/Categories: Historical Fiction, WW11, Holocaust, Survival, Poetry

1st Line/1st Chapter:

Through the village
once loved.
Eyes lowered
not shamed
footsteps steady
not faster
or slower
than before.

Ignored jeers.
Ignored curses,
Brudny Żyd!
Dirty Jew!
The clump of mud
thrown by Oleg Broz
who’d gone to the same school as
whose father worked at the
same bank as me.

I never
covered the accursed yellow
But I never
looked my tormentors in the eye.
I knew better
than to glare at an angry bull.
My throat grew thick
with swallowed tears
as I passed
the school
the synagogue
friends’ homes

Clenched fists
hid in my pockets
as I passed
the German guards.

My village
had become
a nightmare
a ghetto.
A monster that held Jews
in its barbed-wire belly.
Let out only to work for slave wages,
or in death

I hurried home
looking past the barbed wire
to the horizon
the sunset
still beautiful.

~Paper Hearts, the first chapter (from Amazon)

QOTD: Are you intrigued? Do you love free verse?

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Looking Ahead:

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    • 😍 ….I was just googling the museum where the actual paper Heart is displayed….. one of the most touching artifacts I’ve ever seen ❤️

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