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Have you made a Fall 2023 TBR? It’s always exciting to begin a new reading season!

Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Books on My Fall 2023 TBR

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I’m linking up today with That Artsy Reader Girl: Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Books on My Fall 2023 TBR.

What is your most anticipated fall read?

With all the books that are on my radar on a given day, it’s nice to pick out a few for an official TBR. Ten still leaves room for library holds that come in, occasional ARCs, or some mood reading. Do you have a “most anticipated” fall read? I always look forward to Novellas in November and Nonfiction November in the fall.

One question you may ask is “Are these spooky reads or thrillers?” Many readers have differing opinions of what comprises a fall read: some want spooky, some look for atmospheric, some seek out thrillers, while others like to tackle large tomes or nonfiction during the fall when they are spending more time sitting by the fire. It’s my opinion that any book you read in the fall is a fall read. For my fall reads, I look for the types of books I look for all year: memorable, thought-provoking, and unputdownable. So the answer to the question is NO….no thrillers or spooky reads because I’m too susceptible to nightmares.

Keep in mind that I’m not yet recommending the books on my official fall TBR list…..check back often, though, because I will provide updates and links to reviews as I read them. For now, these are the reads that are receiving priority on my fall 2023 reading radar.

Find my Summer 2023 TBR update here. I read 9/10: one is a DNF.

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Fall 2023 TBR

The Frozen River by Ariel Lawhon (cover) Image: bird's eye view of a person in a red coat walking between snow covered trees

Genre: Historical Fiction
Why: Lawhon writes intense and well-researched histfic (Pub Date: 12/5/23)

The Uncharted Flight of Olivia West by Sara Ackerman (cover) Image: a graphic portrait of a female aviator wearing bronze glasses and bronze helmet; blond hair peeks out from beneath her helmet and an image of planes reflect in her sunglasses

Genre: Historical Fiction
Why: I’m a Sara Ackerman completist and I love her WWII stories set in Hawaii (my fav is Radar Girls). (Pub Date: 2/6/24…I have my fingers crossed for an ARC so I can read this in the fall however if I don’t get it, I will push it to my winter TBR)

Christmas at the Wartime Bookshop by Lesley Eames (cover) Image: three young women sprinkled with snowflakes stand in a snowy scene

Genre: Historical Fiction (#3 in the “warm and cozy stand-alone “uplit” wartime bookshop series)
Why? Lesley Eames is a new-to-me author this year and I loved the first two in the series The Wartime Bookshop and Land Girls at the Wartime Bookshop. (Pub Date: 10/12/2023)

Days at the Morisaki Bookshop by Satoshi Yagisawa (cover) Image: The front of a bookshop with a bike and a cat and shadowed images of two people inside

Genre/Category/Setting: Contemporary Literary Fiction, Books About Books and Bookshops, Japan
Why: I love books about books and bookshops and this was highly recommended by Karen @ BookerTalk. Plus, it’s on my novella TBR for Novellas in November.

Remember by Lisa Genova (cover) black text on a white background; a red ribbon is tied in a bow across the middle

Genre: Nonfiction, Essay, Brain Science
Why: I like to include at least one nonfiction in each seasonal TBR; I have loved Still Alice and Left Neglected by this author; and my cousin recommended Remember.

Three Holidays and a Wedding by Uzma Jalaluddin (cover) Image: white text on a bright blue background with graphic images of Christmas, Hanukkah, and Ramadan

Genre/Categories/Setting: Contemporary Fiction, Women’s Fiction, Seasonal, Diverse Read, Canada
WHY: I’ve enjoyed two previous books by Jalaluddin (Ayesha At Last and Hana Khan Carries On) and the premise of three holidays (Christmas, Hanukkah, and Ramadan) intersecting in one story intrigues me. (Pub Date: 9/26/2023)

How Far to the Promised Land by Esau McCaulley (cover) Image: black text on a yellow/orange background; graphic images of broken white fences and a small house

Genre/Categories: Nonfiction, Memoir, Essay, Author of Color
WHY: I love memoirs from diverse voices.

Genre: Historical Fiction, Novella
WHY: I admire the writing of William Kent Krueger (This Tender Land and Ordinary Grace) and added his novella for “Novellas in November.”

The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis (cover) Image: black text in a white text box divides a blue section with a red bus and red flames from a red section with the author's name in white lettering

Genre: Christian Fiction, Classic, Short Story/Novella
WHY: I’m using Novellas in November as an opportunity to reread this Christian classic by a beloved author.

Passing by Nella Larsen (cover) Black and White Image: a young woman in a coat and hat pulled down to shade her eyes

Genre/Categories: Classic Literature, Novella, Race
WHY: I’m taking the opportunity of Novellas in November to read a classic I’ve not read.


What’s on your Fall TBR?
What is your one most anticipated read this fall?

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  1. I hear you on being susceptible to nightmares. I can handle certain scary themes, but some of it gives me nightmares, too. I won’t mention anything specific as I don’t want to frighten you. 🙂

    Here is my Top Ten Tuesday post.

  2. Great list! I’m really looking forward to the Lawhon book as well. It sounds really compelling. THE GREAT DIVORCE is one of my husband’s favorite books ever. We listened to it on audio during a recent car trip and I…fell asleep. I think I would do better with it in written form! I did enjoy a stage production of it that we went to, though. I hope you enjoy all these.

    Happy TTT!


  3. Passing was REALLY good. I’m excited to see a new Ariel Lawhon! Three Holidays & a Wedding is on my list, too! I’m waiting on more reviews of the Kruger book. I enjoyed the one I’ve read, but not sure.

  4. Thanks for the possible novellas, Carol. I am also hoping to participate in Novellas in November, so this will give me a couple of possibilities. I hope you enjoy all of these books.

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