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Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Reading Goals in 2023

‘Tis the season for goal setting! Do you set reading goals or other goals in January? Do you set aside time for reflection?


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My Reading Goals

As I write this post, it’s a cold, dreary, rainy weekend in Southern California…perfect for reading, cozy fires, hot chocolate, and reflection. I wrote a post on December 30 discussing my 2022 reading stats and 2023 intentions. This post lists more specific (reading) goals. (in no particular order)

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Read What I Enjoy

Renew my commitment to DNF books I’m not enjoying. Life’s too short. It’s extremely difficult for me to resist the most recently hyped book. If I read a popular book that I end up DNFing, it’s awkward to admit it. I DNFed so many popular books in 2022 that I wrote a post about it here.
(Yes, DNF can be used as a verb! LOL)

Increase Nonfiction Percentage

This is an annual goal for me and some years I fare better than others. I don’t particularly seek out self help books (although I’m publishing a post of my favorites on Friday!); I don’t enjoy the typical celebrity memoir (but I  have found some compelling ones here, here, here, and here.). My favorite form of nonfiction is narrative nonfiction such as The Woman They Could Not Silence.

Remember Who Recommended a Book

I love to give shout outs in my blog post reviews to the bloggers who have recommended the books I read, but I struggle with being consistent! Either I think I’ll remember (surely!) or I’ve written it down and can’t find my note. I must develop a consistent strategy. Supposedly, there is a way on Goodreads to make this type of note, and although I’ve been coached, I can’t seem to find the feature.

Increase Percentage of Diverse Reads

I’m especially committed to reading books by authors of color or own voices authors. I’ve increased my percentage in this area over the years, but it’s a work in progress. In addition, I am setting a goal that every top ten list includes an author of color if at all possible. (For example, my most memorable reads of 2022 includes two authors of color) I would love to expand this goal for every monthly wrap up, but sometimes the right books don’t come along at the right time.

Continue GoodReads Goal of 100 Books

One hundred is a doable number for me in this season of life (retired or as some call it “repurposed” or “membership in the relaxed living club”). I casually monitor my numbers throughout the year (mostly because I’m curious if I’m on track) , but I always end up over 100 so I know this goal is part of my natural reading rhythm. Do you set a numerical reading goal?

Share Best Reads

In one online “reading personality” test I took, I found out that I was a “social reader” which means I like to talk about the books I read. Sharing good reads here on the blog, Instagram, Goodreads, Pinterest, or Twitter is always my top priority. You can be assured that if I share a book on the blog, I’ve found something to love about it. (*Note: I don’t review every book I read on the blog…only the best receive a blog review. I do record every book I read on Goodreads and give a star rating.)

Write Reviews Immediately After Reading

Writing a review while the reading experience is fresh in my mind is always my goal….but life. In a perfect world, I’m taking notes as a read and writing an immediate review (even though it might be published months later). It’s amazing how many impressions and reactions fade quickly. Do you write reviews?

Continue Reading Middle Grade and Young Adult

In 2022, I didn’t read the amount of MG and YA that I’ve typically read in years past. I need to be more intentional. My favorite MG reads in 2022 were A Place to Hang the Moon and A Rover’s Story. My favorite YA read in 2022 was I Must Betray You. Do you read MG or YA? Do you enjoy my occasional recs on the blog?

Author or Series Completest

One goal I had and completed in 2022 was to read the Gilead Series by Marilynne Robinson. I’m pondering a series I’d like to complete or an author I’d like to focus on in 2023. I have considered the William Kent Krueger mystery series, and even though I love the author I’m not that keen on mysteries….so we’ll see. I’m already a completest for Fredrik Backman, Ruta Sepetys, Jane Harper, and the Louise Penney series. Is there a series or an author you’d like to read?

Reread One Book

I’m rarely a rereader. However, I have a mental list of books I might appreciate rereading. Recently, I reread Little Women and I enjoyed it! However, I’m distracted by the new and shiny and suffer FOMO and reading a classic sometimes seems like a chore or a class assignment. I  do like to reread a book before I see a movie adaptation (I’ve reread Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society and The Storied Life of A J Fikry for that purpose.) Two years ago, I reread A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and Joy in the Morning and those were good rereading experiences. One book I’d like to reread this year is to To Kill a Mocking Bird. Are you a rereader?


What is one of your 2023 reading goals?

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  1. I love these goals. I try to remember to give a shout out to the person who recommended a book to me too. The way that I have found works for me is that I have a tiny notebook on my desk and I make notes of books and the blog post where I found them. Then I have a record for when I actually read the book. It’s not perfect but it does work most of the time. Good Luck with achieving your aims.

    • Thanks for sharing your tip Janette! I do have a small paper planner I use exclusively for blogging, I could add a page in the back. I also thought about copying and pasting the blog review url into the notes app on my iPad.

  2. These are great goals and I have several of them on my list as well. Goodreads no longer has the recommendation feature, they got rid of it a few months ago. I have been adding who recommended a book or if there was a blog that encouraged me to read it under the notes section when I add it to my Want to Read shelf. I hope you do well with all these goals in 2023, Carol.

  3. You’ve obviously given this a lot of thought. I’m with you 100% on reading what you enjoy and not being afraid to abandon a book – you’ll see this reflected when I (eventually) post my intentions for the year. I’m deliberately not calling them goals or plans!

    Being more timely with my reviews is also my intention. I know I can’t turn them out as fast as you do but I’m going to aim to write them within a month of reading the book

  4. I had one goal in common with you – write reviews immediately after finishing. I think those reviews are always the best because they best capture my emotions. Good luck with all your goals.

    • It’s so difficult to retain our impressions! Sometimes I lose them before I’ve finished the book! I’m wishing both of us luck this year in writing, or at least jotting notes, quickly after reading! Thanks for commenting Samantha!

  5. These are all fabulous goals Carol and I get the DNF issue of hyped up books 🙂 I also want to write more reviews but I tend to move on too quickly and lose the moment! Always look forward to your posts and recommendations, many thanks.

    • Thanks Debbie! Stopping and jotting notes after I read is a discipline. I always rush to immerse myself in the next great read!

  6. Ah, I definitely need to get better at remembering who recommended a book! Sometimes I’ll find inspiration from another blogger… but if a couple of months go by, I’ll have no idea who to thank once I finally read it. Great list of goals — good luck!

  7. Yes! I also want to be better at remembering who recommended books to me. There was a feature on Goodreads for recommendations, but you could only fill it out after you read the book, not before, which was not helpful to me at all. I like Cathy’s suggestion of putting it in the notes section. I’ll have to try that. Good luck with all your goals!

    Happy TTT!


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