August 2021 Reading Wrap Up

August 31, 2021

August 2021 Reading Wrap Up

August 2021 Reading Wrap Up (collage of book covers)

How was your August reading?

August was a productive reading month for me.
Out of eleven books, I had three 5-star reads, six 4-star reads, one 3-star read, and one 2-star read.
I’ve now read 81 books towards my year end goal of 100. Do you set a year-end goal?

My favorite fiction read of the month is Three Words For Goodbye by Hazel Gaynor and Heather Webb.

Did we read any of the same books?

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Three Words For Goodbye by Hazel Gaynor and Heather Webb (cover) Image: two young women holding promotional materials and wearing hats stand next to a railing on an ocean liner

Three Words For Goodbye by Hazel Gaynor and Heather Webb

5 Stars. Historical Fiction. Two sisters restore a relationship. My review of Three Words For Goodbye here.

Other Words For Home by Jasmine Warga (cover) Image: the profile of a young girl wearing a headscarf

Other Words For Home by Jasmine Warga

5 Stars (Middle Grade). Heartfelt refugee story. My review of Other Words For Home here.

Jaber Crow by Wendell Berry (cover) Image: white text on a maroon background plus the graphic picture os a wide river cutting through rolling hills

Jayber Crow by Wendell Berry

5 Stars. Literary Fiction. Not reviewed.

Our Italian Summer by Jennifer Probst (cover) Image: red and blue text over a seaside landscape

Our Italian Summer by Jennifer Probst

4 Stars. Contemporary Women’s Fiction. Poignant multigenerational story. My review of Our Italian Summer here.

The Funny Thing Aboout Norman Foreman by ???? (cover) Image: a man wearing a red t shirt and brown pants stands at the beginning of a yellow path

The Funny Thing About Norman Foreman by Julietta Henderson

4 Stars. Contemporary Fiction. Quirky and humorous. Mother/Son. The Funny Thing About Norman Foreman review here.

The Last Chance Library by Freya Sampson (cover) Image: white block text on a blue background....the letters represent three bookshelves holding books and scenes from the library

The Last Chance Library by Freya Sampson (ARC)

4 Stars (ARC). Heartfelt book about books/libraries/librarians. My review of Last Chance Library here.

Snowflakes Over the Starfish Cafe by Jessica Redland (cover) Image: a young man and young woman sit at a table outside a rustic cafe that overlooks a cove and a lighthouse....there is snow on the ground and a dog nearby

Snowflakes Over the Starfish Café by Jessica Redland (ARC)

4 Stars. (ARC) Contemporary Women’s Fiction. Romance. My review of Snowflakes Over the Starfish Cafe here.

Escape to Curlew Cottage by Joanne Tracey (cover) Image: white text on a graphic image of a white house on a large expanse of land

Escape to Curlew Cottage by Joanne Tracey

4 Stars. Contemporary Women’s Fiction. Not reviewed.

The Unlikely Yarn of the Dragon Lady by Sharon J. Mondragon (cover) Image: text plus a ball of blue yarn and two knitting needles

The Unlikely Yarn of the Dragon Lady by Sharon J. Mondragon (ARC)

4 Stars. (ARC) Christian Fiction. Inspirational. The Unlikely Yarn of the Dragon Lady here.

The Guide by Peter Heller (cover) Image: a mountain stream surrounded by hills, trees, and fall color

The Guide by Peter Heller

3.5 Stars. Atmospheric wilderness mystery/thriller. (I liked The River better) Not reviewed.

Mom Jeans and Other Mistakes by Alexa Martin (cover) Image: white text over the graphic image of two young women

Mom Jeans and Other Mistakes by Alexa Martin (ARC)

2.5 Stars (ARC). Cute premise but too much profanity for my taste. Goodreads review here.


What was your favorite August read?
Did we read any of the same books?
Which of these books is on your TBR?


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Happy Reading Book Buddies!

“Ah, how good it is to be among people who are reading.”
~Rainer Maria Rilke

“I love the world of words, where life and literature connect.”
~Denise J Hughes

“Reading good books ruins you for enjoying bad ones.”
~Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

“I read because books are a form of transportation, of teaching, and of connection! Books take us to places we’ve never been, they teach us about our world, and they help us to understand human experience.”
~Madeleine Riley, Top Shelf Text

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  1. I loved Norman Foreman too! In August I have three favourites. The Man Who Dies Twice by Richard Osman, The Unexpected Love Story of Lexie Byrne by Caroline Grace-Cassidy and Emily Noble’s Disgrace by Mary Paulson-Ellis.

    • You always find interesting books! I have the new Osman on my TBR. The end of Norman Forman was a bit zany but the story had some great themes and an original premise!

  2. I always admire how consistent you are in reading. I noticed that you haven’t read as many historical novels this month. I suspect lighter fare is better suited for the summer.

    My August reading slowed down. It took me two weeks to read “It Happened in Silence” by Karla M. Jay (a book I won in a GoodReads giveaway). The book was well written with an interesting plot, good characterizations, and threads that tie together for a satisfying and unpredictable ending. The problem was it was set in Georgia in 1921 and addressed some very dark themes (women of the KKK, baby farms, and prison work gangs). I couldn’t read this book at night for fear of getting nightmares. I followed it up with “The Thursday Murder Club” by Richard Oman. This is a cozy mystery set in Kent and is filled with humor. I absolutely loved this book (5 star), and I won the sequel in a GoodReads giveaway which I will get to next week.

    Yes, I’m still winning a lot of books from GoodReads. I am pretty choosy now. As someone who never wins everything, I wonder when it’s going to end. I tend to win more Kindle books and those from debut authors. And who doesn’t love discovering a new author?

    • Thanks Adrienne! I’m retired so I read like it’s my job greatly enhancing my consistency! But you’re right…I read some lighter books this month!

      I can’t read dark themes because it triggers nightmares. I’ve read a couple of good reviews for the sequel to Thursday Murder Club! I hope you’ll enjoy it!

      I’ve never won a goodreads giveaway. But it’s probably because I usually enter for the most popular books!

      Thanks for your lovely comment!

      • There’s your problem. The popular books usually have 10 or less print copies available and there are loads of entrants. The giveaways for Kindle books usually have 50 or 100 copies available with fewer people going after them. I have won some paper books and they can take a while to get sent to you, while the kindle books automatically show up in your Amazon account. With the debut authors, they are so appreciative of reviews and will follow up on your comments. One of these authors gave me an advanced copy of her next book so that I would review it. Overall, a much better experience.

    • I could have read more in August if I hadn’t started a 600+ page book….we should get a 3 book credit for reading a tome!

  3. Well done for another strong month. I have a reading goal on Goodreads but deliberately set it low so I know I’ll always achieve it. Last year the goal was 1 book :). I don’t set any true goals because the last thing I want is to start fretting that I haven’t read as much as last year.

  4. Wonderful month Carol. I have two of your books on my TBR, but have not read any that you read. Glad you had several 4 and 5 star reads.

  5. Los of fun titles Carol!! The only one I’ve read is Our Italian Summer– really enjoyed it. Felt like a trip to Italy, which isn’t going to happen soon for us! thanks!!

  6. Looks like you had a good month, Carol! I love Wendell Berry, but have yet to read Jayber Crow. I can’t believe August is gone! On to September!

  7. A great selection Carol and I’ve read some of them! As we’ve been in lockdown again I’ve read quite a number of books this month and will add some of these to my ever-growing list! I loved the Italian Summer thanks for that recommendation 🙂

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