Happy National Book Lovers Day!

August 9, 2020

Are you grateful for books during this Pandemic?

What would we do without our beloved books and reading?

Happy National Book Lovers Day!

National Book Lover's Day, August 9 (image: a blue coffee mug sits on the spines of a line of books

What are you reading today?

I Love Reading

image of a girl reading with one hand while pulling a wagon piled high with books


a young woman sitting on the kitchen floor leaning against a cabinet reading a book (I was going to lean the house, but then I realised...this book isn't going to read itself)

a drawing a young woman reading while sitting on a stack of books among many stacks of books (when I've had enough of reality, I just open a book)

Happy reading everyone!

QOTD: What are you reading today?

AOTD: I’m reading Silver Sparrow by Tayari Jones (author of An American Marriage).



  1. I am grateful for books every day. I have to admit that I loved every moment of the 6 week lockdown here in New Zealand because I had unlimited reading time!

    I am still reading Miss Benson’s Beetle, Carol. About 25 % to go….♥️😍

    • 🙌 right?! So thankful I can always escape the dreary news of the day and the monotony of being safer at home! Yay! You’re almost there with Beetle! It stays zany till the end!

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