3 Year Blogiversary Giveaway WINNER!

August 12, 2020


3 year blogiversary & giveaway (balloons, banner, and polk-a-dots)

LYNNE @ Fictionophile

You are the WINNER of the Giveaway!

Lucky #6

Please email me (readingladies1@gmail.com) with your selection for an e-book from amazon (not to exceed $20 U.S.) within 24 hours! Or…because you’re Canada, tell me which works best for you! I can also figure out Book Depository!

Congratulations Lynne!


ENTRIESrandom number 6 (app screenshot)

  1. Nicki
  2. Afoma
  3. Jevannel Academy
  4. Swirl and Thread
  5. Stargazer
  6. Fictionophile
  7. Sejal
  8. Kayla
  9. Tina
  10. Browneyedbookworm
  11. Wanderingsofabookbird
  12. Mani
  13. Hayley
  14. Gayla
  15. Lashaan
  16. Jennifer
  17. Michelle
  18. Deb
  19. Carhicks
  20. Linda


THANK YOU everyone who participated!

Thanks Nicki for being the first to comment!

Looking forward to another great year of reading and conversation!

10 thoughts on “3 Year Blogiversary Giveaway WINNER!

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