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November 29, 2019

 Finding Chika: A Little Girl, An Earthquake, and the Making of a Family by Mitch Albom

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Genre/Categories: Nonfiction, Memoir, Found Family, Foster Guardianship, Inspiration, Haiti

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“What we carry defines who we are. And the effort we make is our legacy.” ~Mitch Albom

My Summary:

In Finding Chika: A Little Girl, An Earthquake, and the Making of a Family, Mitch Albom, well-known author of Tuesdays With Morrie, shares his life-changing experience of caring for Chika, a young Haitian orphan. She was born a few days before the devastating 2010 earthquake into a poverty-stricken family. When her mother died after giving birth to her baby brother, Dad found placements for all their children. Chika was brought to the Have Faith Haiti Orphanage that Mitch Albom operates in Port Au Prince. After five-year-old Chika was diagnosed with a medical condition that was untreatable in Haiti, the Alboms brought Chika to America to live with them while seeking medical intervention. Instead of returning to Haiti as planned, Chika and the Alboms become found family, and Mitch learns a great deal about caring for a special needs child, the definition of family, unconditional love, loss, and grief.

My Thoughts:

Fans of Mitch Albom will appreciate this poignant memoir. Tissues required!

Themes: Memorable themes make this heartfelt book unputdownable and memorable. I dearly love the themes of found family and the rescue of innocent children! Other thoughtful themes include making a difference, protection, time investment, resilience, when a marriage becomes a family, what we carry….

“What we carry defines who we are. And the effort we make is our legacy.”

“Families are like pieces of art. You can make them from almost anything. The only ingredient you need to make a family is unconditional love.”

Highly Recommended: If you are touched by family stories, have compassion and concern for orphans, are interested in medical interventions, or list Mitch Albom as a favorite author, you WILL want Finding Chika on your TBR.

Buy Don’t Borrow: I am encouraged to report that all profits from the sale of Finding Chika will go to the support of the Have Faith Haiti Orphanage.

Watch This! See an interview with Mitch Albom sharing about the orphanage, how he became involved, and an introduction to Chika here.

Content warning/trigger warning: childhood cancer, loss of a child, poverty

My Rating:  5  Stars


Finding chika

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Meet the Author, Mitch Albom

Mitch Albom

Mitch Albom is the author of numerous books of fiction and nonfiction, which have collectively sold more than forty million copies in forty-seven languages worldwide. He has written seven number-one New York Times bestsellers – including “Tuesdays with Morrie,” the bestselling memoir of all time, which topped the list for four straight years – award-winning TV films, stage plays, screenplays, a nationally syndicated newspaper column, and a musical. He founded and oversees SAY Detroit, a consortium of nine different charitable operations in his hometown, including a nonprofit dessert shop and food product line to fund programs for Detroit’s neediest citizens. He also operates an orphanage in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. He lives with his wife, Janine, in Michigan. Learn more at and


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    • Thanks! I’m happy it inspired you! If you love Mitch, you will most likely love this memoir! Let me know! Happy reading and thanks for stopping in and commenting Jennifer! 😍👍

  1. I loved your review of this book and also the fact that you said ..”buy it not borrow it”. I am blessed to be a part of the Have Faith Family and was a part of Chika’s life. She had a major impact on me and her story was so beautifully written she was adored and loved by many. Mitch and Janine were blessed as they blessed with her being part of their life and I cant agree more that his words jump off the page and hit you with a huge knot right in the pit of your stomach, as if you are right there experiencing all the emotions with him. I want to thank each and every person that purchases and reads her story and the stories of her family in Haiti. They are amazing kids that will change the world. I believe one of them could even find a cure for cancer one day. God bless, I enjoy and will follow your blog. Kind Regards, Patty

    • Thank you so much for your feedback and kind words Patty! It’s wonderful to hear from you! Thank you for stopping in and taking time to comment! Reading this story was an emotional experience for me!

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