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If money was no concern, what bookish jobs would you do for free? Would you consider one of my bookish jobs?

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I’m linking up today with That Artsy Reader Girl for Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Bookish Jobs I’d Do For Free.

So….this sounds like a fun topic! Plus, I need a break from writing reviews.

I’m not suggesting that individuals shouldn’t receive a fair paycheck for their bookish jobs. I’m simply dreaming about bookish jobs I would do for free if money were no option.
What bookish job would you do for free?

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Book Philanthropist like Dolly Parton

I would work in her Imagination Library Organization as a Literacy Advocate unless I had my own millions to spend!

Dolly Parton reading to three children
Image Source: Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library

Helpful Honda Bookish Volunteer

Do you love the Helpful Honda commercials where a spokesperson from the Honda corporation sponsors random acts of kindness and surprises recipients with gifts?! In the bookish version, I’d love to be the one surprising librarians and bookstore owners!

Wouldn’t it be fun to accompany your favorite authors on their research trips?!

Little Free Library Promoter

My goal would be to establish a Little Free Library in every neighborhood in America! Everyone who once dreamed of owning their own bookstore can have their own Little Free Library!

Book Club Advocate

It would be fun to travel the world and advocate for at least one book club in every city! I could encourage each club to find its unique niche and purpose and provide resources and cheerleading. I believe each person should have one book club experience at some point in life. Talking about books is a shortcut to establishing deep connections with others.

Indie Bookstore Patron

If you’ve had the pleasure of visiting an independent bookstore, you know the joyful feeling of being among friends, your “people.” You might even know the staff who call you by name and know your reading tastes. During the pandemic, most independent bookstores continued to thrive. They found ways to deliver books into people’s hands and lives. If I had the time and money, I would visit every independent bookstore and make a purchase. We must support our indies and libraries!

Book Fairy

As a book fairy, I’d place favorite books in waiting rooms and plane/bus/train terminals. I’d travel around the country bestowing books on Little Free Libraries and placing books in teachers’ break rooms. I’d leave books under trees and on park benches and on bistro tables. Books under every Christmas Tree? No Problem!

Book Recommender Extraordinaire

I would know the perfect book recommendation for each person I meet. I would be like the librarian in What You Are Looking For is in the Library and my recommendations would be life-changing! Lydia calls a “bibliotherapist” in her post today.

Pack Horse Librarian

I’d also love to be Cussy’s assistant and bring literature to the children and their families in the hills of Kentucky. I’m not sure about the “riding a donkey” part of the job! Read all about Cussy in The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek.

Bookmobile Owner

Owning and driving a bookmobile into underserved neighborhoods would be a joyful and rewarding bookish job! Easier than a pack horse librarian!

What is one bookish job you would do for free?

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  1. What a fun post, Carol! I would be a Book Cuddler/Cozy Book Lady. Iโ€™d spend my day on a sofa or in a big comfy chair cuddled up with preschoolers or elementary agers and a book to read together.

  2. These are awesome jobs, Carol. I would love to have the experience of a Pack Horse Librarian for a very short time. Book gifter is another I would love to do it money were no object. Very creative list.

  3. AWESOME list! I love all these, especially #1. When I moved last year, I was able to donate several thousand books to a high school that was having a book sale to raise funds for classroom needs. They were so thrilled to get them and it made me feel good that my books were making people happy and helping teachers get the things they needed for their classrooms. If I had several million extra dollars hanging around, I would totally be a book philanthropist! Little Free Library steward is probably as close as I’m going to get…

    Happy TTT!


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