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In Project Hail Mary, Ryland Grace and a team of scientists are on a desperate space mission to save the Earth. (100% recommend AUDIO for this one!)

Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir

Project Hail Mary by Any Weir (cover) Image: an astronaut is tethered and floating in space near a gold and black object

Genre/Categories/Setting: Science Fiction, Space Mission, Friendship, Survival

Welcome to #ThrowBackThursday where I highlight an older review or post a current review of a backlist title. Today, I’m sharing a favorite (audio) read of 2021, Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir.

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My Summary:

Middle School science teacher Ryland Grace finds himself on a desperate space mission to save planet Earth. He wakes up on a spaceship hooked up to tubes without a memory of how he got there or how the two people next to him died in their beds. Although he senses he knows them and realizes their importance, he can’t remember his own name or his purpose for being there. In dual timelines, we hear Ryland’s backstory (as he regains his memory) and experience the dangerous present reality. Ryland finds an unexpected ally in his quest to save Earth from extinction.

 Friendship, Sacrifice, and Problem Solving….

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Did you watch or read The Martian by Weir? I loved Project Hail Mary even more! But you NEED to listen via AUDIO for the best reading experience (in my opinion).
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  1. I enjoyed this far more than I expected to. The maths/science stuff was way over my head but I found it easy to skim some of that. Of course you do have to suspend disbelief about the major plot development …….

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