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Marrying Off Morgan McBride by Amy Barry is the second installment in the Western romance series, McBrides of Montana. 

Marrying Off Morgan McBride by Amy Barry

Marrying Off Morgan McBride by Amy Barry (cover) Image: a cowboy stands next to a train and a girl waves to him from the window

Genre/Categories/Setting: Historical Fiction, Western Romance, Montana, Siblings, Mail Order Brides, Series

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My Summary of Marrying Off Morgan McBride:

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In installment #2 of the McBrides of Montana series, Junebug once again advertises for a mail-order bride for her oldest brother, Morgan. As a father figure for his siblings and the oldest, Morgan had been making plans to leave home. Junebug is determined to keep him home and devises a secret plan to bring him a bride.

My Thoughts:

Same Song, Second Verse With a Twist

You know how this will go if you’ve read the first installment of the series, Kit McBride Gets a Wife. Junebug places a secret advertisement for a wife, the brother is surprised and a bit outraged, but it will work out in the end. What makes this story a bit different and more poignant is that Morgan is the father figure in the family, especially for Junebug who was small when her mother died and her dad abandoned them. She’s desperate to keep Morgan home. Morgan is eager to regain a life of his own on the trails free from family responsibilities.

Western Romance

Marrying Off Morgan McBride is a Western romance set in the mountains of rural Montana in the late 1800s. The rustic setting and colorful characters are vividly described and easily imagined. The first book is a closed-door romance, so I wasn’t expecting an open-door romance in this installment. One open-door bedroom scene occurs on the last pages of the book and it’s easy to skim over if that is your preference.

A Siblings Story

One of the reasons I love this series in addition to the quirky premise is that it’s a heartwarming siblings story. Three older brothers combine resources to raise their little sister (and themselves) after losing their parents. The reason Morgan decides to leave now is that the second brother (Kit) is married and Junebug can live with them. Morgan doesn’t fully realize that his leaving is like losing a second father. How long do you stay committed to your siblings and the responsibility for their care? Morgan feels like it’s time to pursue his own dreams. We can understand his longings but we also feel sorry for Junebug who is desperate to keep him home. How will this resolve?

Recommending Marrying Off Morgan McBride

If you love a Western romance (with one steamy scene) featuring siblings, a unique premise, and a quirky character, you might enjoy Marrying Off Morgan McBride. While I enjoyed the read, I loved the first one more because the story was new. This one is predictable in terms of the premise and the outcome (if you’ve read the first installment).  One steamy scene surprised me because the first book was closed door and I expected the same. All in all, it falls into the category of “that was a fun read”!

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My Rating:  4  Stars


Marrying Off Morgan McBride by Amy Barry (cover) A cowboy stands next to a train and a girls waves to him from the window

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Meet the Author of Marrying Off Morgan McBride, Amy Barry

Author of the McBrides in Montana series, Amy Barry

Amy Barry writes sweeping historical stories about love. She’s fascinated with the landscapes of the American West and their complex long history, and she’s even more fascinated with people in all their weird tangled glory. Amy also writes under the names Amy T Matthews and Tess LeSue, and is Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing at Flinders University in Australia.


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