Kit McBride Gets a Wife [Book Review]

Kit McBride Gets a Wife by Amy Barry is a fun, escapist, historical romance set in rural Montana during the 1800s. If you are looking for a FUN read + a UNIQUE Character + 1800s Western Romance, you’ll want to add this to your TBR.

Kit McBride Gets a Wife by Any Barry (cover) Image: a cowboy and his bride sit on a horse with a small cabin and a forest of trees in the background

Genre/Categories/Setting: Historical Fiction, Historical Romance (not Regency), American West Romance, Family Drama, Siblings, Buck’s Creek, Montana

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My Summary of Kit McBride Gets a Wife:

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Kit McBride Gets a [Mail Order] Wife through the letter-writing/advertising antics of his little sister, Junebug. A precocious fourteen-year-old, Junebug lives with her four adult brothers in a remote Montana cabin (4 miles from the nearest small outpost). Even though she’s cared for, she’s fed up with being the only female and handling the household chores. In desperation, she calculates that getting a wife in the house will alleviate her burdens. A problem arises when the unexpected mail-order wife arrives at the cabin unannounced.

My Thoughts:

In the summer, everyone needs one FUN, escapist read!

Engaging Plot: From the first page, Junebug captures our interest. A precocious and well-meaning younger sister, Junebug advertises for a mail-order bride for one of her adult brothers. One day, her bother Kit, a sexy and he-doesn’t-know-it mountain man, rescues a damsel in distress (a.k.a. the mail order bride…..well….she’s mistaken for the mail order bride…’s complicated). We end up with a slow burn, “forced proximity” (closed door) romance, and a poignant siblings’ story.

Forced proximity and slow burn tropes are fun!
Trust me, you need this in your life!

Unique Character: With her love for big vocabulary words, writing, and reading, Junebug is a precocious, memorable, incorrigible, and endearing character. However, she doesn’t love cooking, washing, and mending and intends to remedy the situation by taking matters into her own hands. Without a doubt, I will add her to my list of unforgettable, zany, and one-of-a-kind characters!

Don’t Forget the Brothers! All the characters are wonderfully drawn. At first, we’re not sure about Junebug’s brothers, but we grow to appreciate them throughout the story. Specifically, I need to mention the caring, over-the-top hunky, book-reading brother (but it doesn’t seem that out of place with the other hyperbolic aspects of the story). Did I mention hunky?

Lovely Montana!

rural Montana landscape

Writing: It is obvious that this author loves her characters! I appreciate the author’s writing and the tone of the story: light-hearted at times, tender and poignant at others, and often humorous and hyperbolic (all in good fun). I’m happy I read this on a kindle and could look up vocabulary words with one click! The author vividly describes the rural, remote, mountain setting. We sense the isolation, suffer the bitter coldness of the blizzard, and feel the warmth and comfort of the campfire. Most importantly, she creates a supportive family of siblings. I am pleased that this entertaining story is the first in a series!

Themes: Along with the fun and zany plot, thoughtful themes include caring and protective brothers, sibling loyalty, survival for women in the 1800s (sometimes the only option is to become a mail order bride), and women’s domestic roles in the 1800s.


I’m Enthusiastically Recommending this engaging and heartfelt story for readers who are looking for a light and fun, 1800s western romance with larger-than-life characters; for fans of romantic historical fiction (that is not Regency Romance); for readers who love a quirky character and sibling themes; and for book clubs. Honestly, this put a smile on my face from beginning to end. If you enjoy it, you’ll be pleased to know that Kit McBride Gets a Wife is the first of a planned series!

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My Rating:  4.5 Stars (rounded to 5 because of the fun)

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Kit McBride Gets a Wife by Amy Barry (cover) Image: a graphic picture of a cowboy and a bride on a horse with a small cabin and a forest of trees in the background

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Meet the Author of Kit McBride Gets a Wife, Amy Barry

Author Amy BarryAmy Barry writes sweeping historical stories about love. She’s fascinated with the landscapes of the American West and their long complex history, and she’s even more fascinated with people in all their weird tangled glory. Amy also writes under the names Amy T Matthews and Tess LeSue, and is Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing at Flinders University in Australia.


Does Kit McBride Gets a Wife sound like a fun read?

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