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Stories With Christmas Settings

OK…..I must admit that I have “imposter syndrome”!

Yes, I have read a few Christmas-themed books, but other book review bloggers have read many more. For example, Carla @ Carla Love to Read is the queen of Christmas reads! Today, I’m sharing a few stories with Christmas settings that I have on my bookshelves. Do you enjoy stories with Christmas settings?

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Stories With Christmas Settings

(In order of publication date)

New Releases This Year:

Once Upon a December by Amy Reichert

Set inside an outdoor Christmas Mart, this delightful romance features magical realism.

Christmas at the Borrow a Bookshop by Kiley Dunbar

Christmas is the backdrop for this” reinventing your life” trope.

New Traditions by Deborah King

Romance + Family with a side of PTSD.

The Christmas Castle in Scotland by Julie Caplin

“Grouchy meets Sunshine” trope with a side of castle restoration just in time for Christmas


All I Want for Christmas is the Girl Next Door (YA) by Chelsea Bobulski

This sweet young adult romance is set in Christmas, Virginia.

All I Want For Christmas is the Girl Next Door by Chelsea Bobulski (cover) Image: white text on a red background....a small snow scene with small homes is at the bottom margin


In a Holidaze by Christina Lauren

Characters are caught in a time loop in this family drama/romance.


A Vicarage Christmas by Kate Hewit

A delightful and cozy novella introducing the Thornthwaite Sisters Series. (family centered, easy and light reading, closed-door romance, no profanity or graphic content).

A Vicarage Christmas by Kate J

The Deal of a Lifetime by Fredrik Backman

I’m including this because I include a Backman title in almost every list I create! A poignant and thought provoking fairy tale for adults, this (somewhat sad) short story is set during the Christmas season (in which Christmas is a simple backdrop).

Last Christmas in Paris by Hazel Gaynor and Heather Webb

I’m including this because it’s one of my favorite stories (WW1), and because the title is interesting in that “Christmas in Paris” is something that is dreamed for and hoped for in the story. It was a common thought that the war would be over by Christmas, so the young adults who went off to war planned to celebrate Christmas in Paris. The story’s poignant ending does take place in Paris at Christmas but in a much different way than our main characters imagined.


Skipping Christmas by John Grisham

Poignantly humorous.

If you haven’t read the book, you’ve probably seen the movie, Christmas With the Kranks.


Do you have a favorite story with a Christmas setting on your bookshelf?

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Whats On Your Bookshelf Challenge

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  1. First, thanks for the shout out, Carol. I have read way too many Christmas books to pick a favourite from the recent books. I have to say, I have two all time favourites: Charles Dickens’ Christmas Carol and the Birth of Jesus from the as written by Luke. There are a few on your post that I have not read, and two are on my TBR (Last Christmas in Paris and Once Upon a December).

    • You’re welcome Carla! Your name is synonymous in my mind with Christmas! Thanks for sharing favs! I hope you love Last Christmas (even though it’s not real Christmassy). I liked Once Upon a December more than I expected! Magical realism isn’t my fav but I decided to just go WITH it (setting aside my eye rolling) and I ended up enjoying it!

  2. My favorite Christmas themed title is A Wreath of Snow by Liz Curtis Higgs. A charming romance in Scotland with forgiveness at its heart. You’ll love it!

  3. Thank you for these suggestions, Carol. I am always looking for good Christmas-themed books to read in December. ‘A Christmas Carol’ is on my list most years. Last year, I also read Skipping Christmas and Deal of a Lifetime & Other Stoires. To be honest, I was disappointed with both for different reasons. For the former, I thought the movie was much funnier than the book (and I almost never side with the movie). For the latter, I felt like I had been to a restaurant and ordered apple pie but was given steak. Although equisitely written it was not at all what I was expecting and I was left feeling highjacked. This year I will be more careful! 😀

    • Backman can be a hard hitting author so I think It mitigated my expectations for a typical Christmas read. I notice that since Deal has been out that the cover has been changed which will help with readers’ perceptions I think. I read Skipping Christmas just this month because I wanted to finally see what the book was like after having seen the movie a few times! You’re right! The movie is better! Thanks for commenting!

  4. I’m not sure I have a favorite Christmas book, I enjoy almost all of them. My favorite holiday movie is Love, Actually.

    • I tried to choose a fav but I don’t think I really have one! I’ve read more Christmas books this year than ever before. Just in the mood for lighter reads I guess!

  5. I LOVE stories with a Christmas setting, and this is the first year in a while I haven’t blogged a Christmas bookish list. So far this season I’ve only read the one book set at Christmas – the Karen Swan one.

  6. Thanks for joining us Carol and what a timely post given how Christmas is rushing at us. I will have a look at some of these titles but I’ve never really got into Christmas reading – maybe I should start!!

    • I’ve read 4 women’s fic Christmas themed stories this season which is a record for me! I was just in the mood I guess! Plus there seems to be so many this year! Hope you find a good one!

  7. I thought I might not have many Christmas reads but just counted, seven books with Christmas in the title and seven other Christmas related novels. I might have to do this for one of the freebies.

    The only book from your list that I read is Skipping Christmas. I loved the book and was so disappointed in the movie, I love Jamie Lee Curtis but this was her worst movie. Too slapsticky for me, not funny anymore.

    My most famous Christmas book is probably A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.

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