The Guide to Gratitude [Online Course Preview] #MentalHealth #GuestPost

May 11, 2022

What tops YOUR gratitude list?
Do you keep a gratitude journal?

  • A baby’s first smile just for you
  • Spring flowers in every bold and gentle color
  • Gentle rain that covers the earth like a blessing

Guest Post: The Guide to Gratitude by Jake Kneeland

The Guide to Gratitude: Change Your Perspective, Change Your Life (Image: white text over a mountain vista)

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The Guide To Gratitude

Are You Feeling Completely Overwhelmed?

We’ve all been there. After all…life is BUSY.

We run to and from school, work, our families, friends, and repeat it the very next day. If we even come close to a moment with ourselves four other things seem to come up that need our attention. No wonder we’re so anxious all the time! Every day can begin to feel like one endless loop and before we know it – months, even years, pass by. How do we change this? A simple shift in perspective.

The Guide To Gratitude is just that – a roadmap to help you identify the moments we take for granted – and start to appreciate them deeply.

Gratitude Reciprocates

What we put out into the world – whether it be kindness, energy, compassion, positivity, or something negative – is what we draw to ourselves. When we show more appreciation we create an abundance of things to cherish in life. When we are able to show more, we are able to receive more – gratitude reciprocates.

“The depth of our joy can be measured by the height of our gratitude.”
~Jake Kneeland


The Guide To Gratitude is a practical step-by-step framework to get you back to you. It will help you identify, focus on, and deeply appreciate the best parts of life – the moments in between.

Once you grab the Guide you not only get a video introduction and the full online course, but you also receive Jake’s Mental Health Toolkit and Daily Affirmation Guide for FREE!

Let’s begin to deeply appreciate the simple gifts of everyday life. After all – we only have one go at this thing. Make It Count!

Order the Gratitude Course here

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The 7 Day Gratitude Challenge by Jake Kneeland (cover) a person sits on a boulder overlooking a valley surrounded by mountains

Meet the Author, Jake Kneeland

Author Jake Kneeland

Jake Kneeland was born and raised in rural South Dakota where he learned to embrace the little things and simple pleasures in life. Through his travels, Jake has cultivated a passion for deep conversations and identifying what energizes others. That passion has led to a greater understanding of time and the importance of who we surround ourselves with. Jake believes that when we simplify the events, circumstances, and people in our lives we form a deeper level of appreciation for those very things. The little things in life become the big things.

When he’s not spending time with those closest to him you can find Jake enjoying his two passion projects – and The Little Things Podcast.

***Full Disclosure: There is a family connection and Jake is my (second) cousin.

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  1. Carol one of the greatest tools to positive mental health is doing a morning Gratitude Journal it really works ! Thank you for spreading this message x

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