Why You Need to Fail [Book Excerpt]

October 8, 2021

Why You Need to Fail by Jake Kneeland

Why You Need to Fail by Jake Kneeland (cover) Image: black and white text over a background of steep mountain peaks

Genre/Categories: Nonfiction, Self-help

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“Do you feel like you are coasting through life? Are you struggling to find meaning after countless mistakes and the circumstances they put you in? Do you feel completely lost? Everything changes the moment we discover why we went through the turbulent times. How exactly do we find the answer? Join author Jake Kneeland as he guides you through Why You Need To Fail – a roadmap to rediscovering your purpose, energy, and vibrancy for life. Inside you will find moments of transformation, step by step techniques, and the momentum you’ve unleashed by removing previously held self-limiting beliefs. Are you ready? Grab a journal and pen and begin. A better understanding is at your fingertips. There’s no time to waste!”

***Full disclosure: Jake Kneeland is a member of my extended family. I’m choosing to highlight his self-published book today because I’ve observed his journey and know that this book is an authentic reflection of his personal experience and that he has important insights to share. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us Jake!


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Author Jake Kneeland sits on a couch holding a copy of Why You Need to Fail

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“We tend to get so caught up in our head thinking about distant memories, regrets, sadness, and memorable events. We also look towards the future to dream, to worry, to see ourselves succeed, and so forth. What we effectively let ourselves do is live aggressively through memory or a state in the future. We stay in our mind, out of real life experiences, and lose one of life’s most cherished things – time. If we focus on being present and living in the now the moments of pure enjoyment seem to extend.”

“If only I was more aware then as I am now. After the brief exhilaration of a new adventure faded these moments of enjoyment were quickly forgotten. Life was about to punch me in the gut and I was in no way, shape, or form ready for it.”

“As we dive in I want you to keep a simple truth in the back of your mind. You’re still here. You woke up today. You have people that hold you close. You are here even though all seemed lost. That’s determination. That’s resiliency. That’s believing in yourself. That’s the fight you need in order to continue to divide and conquer the immense obstacles that life presents us.”

“We can choose which road to take. Will you mope around, feel sorry for yourself, hold on to that resentment, and continue the endless loop of pain and suffering? Or will you identify what went wrong, acknowledge it, learn from it, let go, and focus on becoming better?”

“As countless decisions weave in and out of your life over time – which one do you continue to choose?”

“The Power of Choice”

~ excerpts used with permission

Why You Need to Fail by Jake Kneeland (cover) Image: blak and white text over a background of steep mountain peaks

Why You Need to Fail Information Here

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Meet the Author, Jake Kneeland

Author Jake KneelandJake Kneeland was born and raised in rural South Dakota where he learned to embrace the little things and simple pleasures in life. Through his travels Jake has cultivated a passion for deep conversations and identifying what energizes others. That passion has lead to a greater understanding of time and the importance of who we surround ourselves with. Jake believes that when we simplify the events, circumstances, and people in our lives we form a deeper level of appreciation for those very things. The little things in life become the big things.

Jake on Twitter

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When he’s not spending time with those closest to him you can find Jake enjoying his two passion projects – itsjustjake.com and The Little Things Podcast.


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  1. I know I NEED to fail but really, I just don’t like too! It’s so hard to see the benefits cause it comes so much later!

  2. Great review, Carol! I’m adding the book to my wishlist, but it looks like there is only 1 copy available so I better hurry.

  3. This is such an important lesson for everyone, but we don’t normally heed it. It was something I tried to instill in my students that it was okay as long as we learned something from it. Sounds like a great book, especially for all the millennials out there.

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