My Dear Hamilton [Book Review] #throwbackthursday

September 10, 2020

My Dear Hamilton by Stephanie Dray and Laura Kamoie

My Dear Hamilton Review

Genre/Categories: Historical Fiction, U.S. History, Revolutionary War, Founders, Biographical

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This year as part of Blog Audit Challenge 2020 I’m going back to update older review posts. On Thursdays, I’ll be re-sharing a few of these great reads, and today I’m sharing my review of My Dear Hamilton by Stephanie Dray and Laura Kamoie, a story of Eliza Hamilton’s extraordinary contributions…

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…strong, independent, faithful, compassionate…

My Summary:

“A general’s daughter, Elizabeth Schuyler meets and marries Alexander Hamilton amid the union’s fight for independence and the uncertainties of war. Eliza and Alexander find themselves establishing their life together at the same time as they are at the center of our nation’s founding. Authors Dray and Kamoie used thousands of letters and original sources to imagine Eliza’s story as a patriot, loving wife, political partner, loyal friend, supportive sister, and devoted mother of eight.”

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QOTD: Have you read My Dear Hamilton or is it on your TBR?


  1. After watching Hamilton, my interest in his wife was piqued. I googled and read a lot about her. I am definitely adding this book as I want to read more about this wonderful character. I clicked over and read your review and it definitely added even more interest.

  2. I read another book about Eliza Hamilton and was pissed off that it ended just after Alexander died, and had essentially NOTHING about her afterwards. I was going to read this but I understood that it also doesn’t have much about her later life. I get it, she wouldn’t have been known without him, but she did SO much after he died that she deserves a book about that time.

    • Oh…this book talks about her life after Hamilton…..describes her work with orphanages and her work gathering all Hamilton’s papers. I was satisfied that it covers most of her life. But maybe not in the detail you are looking for?

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