Lost, Found, & Forever [Book Review] #Romance

 March 19, 2021

Lost, Found, & Forever by Victoria Schade

Lost, Found, & Forever by Victoria Schade (cover) Image: a cute white dog with gray markings peeks around a corner

Genre/Categories: Women’s Contemporary Fiction, Romance, Animal Rescue

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My Summary:

Thank you, #NetGalley @BerkleyPub #BerkleyWritesStrongWomen #BerkleyBuddyReads @BeritTalksBooks @ThePHDivaBooks for a commplimentary e arc of #LostFoundAndForever upon my request. All opinions are my own. Pub Date: 3.30.2021.

Finders, Keepers?

In addition to romance, we have a custody battle over a beloved rescue dog, Spencer. Justine is Spencer’s current owner, and she loves to train him and he’s also her loyal companion at her dog supply store in upstate New York. Spencer loves performing tricks and has landed a role as a dog actor. On day, Justine comes across a social media post that pleads for the return of a dog that sounds suspiciously like her beloved Spencer. Justine contacts the guy, Griffin, and agrees to meet up with him at a park in Brooklyn. Griffin has the paperwork to prove he’s the original owner but Justine refuses to let Spencer go without a fight. What would you do?

My Thoughts:

If you have adopted a rescue dog, have you ever considered that the original owners might reclaim the dog with whom you have bonded?

Writing: Victoria Schade writes an engaging and mostly light-hearted enemies-to-lovers story with an interesting “co-owners” premise. In fact, Schade has experience in real life as a dog trainer (see bio) so this lends authenticity and expertise to the details about dog training and a dog’s acting career. Although the story is a bit predictable (expected in the romance genre), it’s also page turning and thoughtful.

Characters: Justine and Griffin are both likable characters. Justine is compassionate, determined, and thoughtful while Griffin is generous, kind, and on a mission to follow his self-determined life trajectory. Of course, things become complicated as they are both attracted to each other and quite committed to Spencer!

Recommended: Who can resist this adorable cover?! Overall, Lost, Found, and Forever is a lovely and easy reading romance with thoughtful themes such as the ethics of animal ownership, PTSD from a past trauma, taking a second chance on love, friendship, and an enemies to lovers trope. I’m recommending it for fans of romance, for those looking for a lighter read, and for animal lovers.

Content Consideration: trauma from a past attack, some steam

My Rating: 3 Stars


Lost, Found, & Forever by Victoria Schade (cover) Image: a cute, white, mixed breed dog with gray markings peeks around a corner

Lost Found and Forever Information Here

Meet the Author, Victoria Schade

Author Victoria SchadeVictoria Schade has been a dog trainer and writer for over twenty years. During that time her dog duties have included working behind the scenes on Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl as the lead animal wrangler, appearing on two seasons of the Animal Planet show Faithful Friends, and creating dog training content and appearing in educational videos for a variety of pet-centric web sites. Victoria’s favorite way to share her dog knowledge is though her books, whether in a how-to manual like “Bonding With Your Dog” or woven into her novels like “Who Rescued Who” and the forthcoming, “Lost Found & Forever.”

Victoria shares her 1850’s always-in- need-of- renovations home with Millie the Smooth Brussels Griffon (who wants you to know that she is not a skinny pug), Olive the mixed breed dog, the occasional foster pup, and her incredibly tolerant husband, Tom.


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  1. I think the original owner gives uo legal rights after a certain period of time! The rescue dogs around here to up for adoption after a certain fixed amount of advertising and searching for owners!

  2. It would depend on several factors. It would be a hard choice to return/keep if the pet had just become lost somehow and adopted by someone else. So many factors and facets & heart crushing feels thinking about that too long 😶

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