#throwbackthursday Wonder by R.J. Palacio [Book Review]

May 14, 2020

Wonder by R.J. Palacio

I’m linking up today with Davida @ The Chocolate Lady’s Book Review Blog for #throwbackthursday.

This year as part of Blog Audit Challenge 2020 I’m going back to update older review posts. On Thursdays, I’ll be re-sharing a few of these great reads, and today I’m sharing my review of a favorite MG/YA read, Wonder by R.J. Palacio. It’s on my lifetime favorites list and I’ll be the first to tell you that it’s a “must-read.”

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Wonder by R.J. Palacio (cover) Image: graphic of a mostly blank boy's head (one eye and a head of hair and ears are the only features) against a blue background

Genre/Categories: Middle grade through adult contemporary fiction,  growing up, difficult discussions, family life, friendship, compassion, character traits

My Summary:

“On the inside, ten-year-old August Pullman feels very ordinary. But as he says, ordinary kids don’t make other kids run away screaming and they don’t get stared at wherever they go. Auggie was born with a rare genetic abnormality that affected the formation of his face. Because of extensive surgeries and an attempt to protect him from cruelties of the outside world, Auggie’s parents have homeschooled him. The reader meets 5th grade Auggie as he’s being enrolled in a traditional school for the first time. Will he be accepted? Will he find friends? Will he find a hostile or friendly environment? How will adults in his life support him? The story is told from six perspectives (August, Via–his older sister, Summer–a friendly caring peer, Jack–a student leader who struggles in his role as a friend, Miranda–his sister’s best friend and a close family friend, and Justin–Miranda’s boyfriend) plus a bonus chapter from Julian’s point of view (Auggie’s nemesis).”

“Heart…Heroes…and Humor”

Continue reading my review of Wonder to see what I loved….

QOTD: Have you read Wonder or is it on your TBR?


  1. I love this idea!! I need to update some of my older reviews too. The slower reading months are the perfect time for it.

      • Yes, I can see that. My reviews have come a long way, but I still make mistakes and my sentence structure needs some work too. It sounds great in my head, but when I re-read the review weeks later – it definitely could be better.

      • I don’t think editing is ever finished! I can always find something to reword or correct. My older posts mainly need updating to fix formatting, SEO, etc.

      • Ah, that makes sense! Since I just started this blog, I have tons of old reviews that I need to post. New format, and definitely some rewording.

    • Thanks Carla! I’m loving looking back at favorites! I’m surprised by how many people have not yet read many of the older titles! I’m thrilled to offer these deserving titles the attention they deserve!

      • I love finding older books that I think I would enjoy, which is why I frequent flea markets and used book sales so often.

      • Yes! I frequently come across a book I missed reading! The Bell Jar is a recent example of one I had missed.

      • I read that one a year or so ago. I had always heard of it, but never read it and was not sure what it was all about. It was so sad and heart-wrenching though.

      • Same here…. I often hear it referenced and decided to read it with a buddy read group on Instagram.. I almost didn’t finish it ….so sad and depressing. Everyone else loved it so I’m a definite outlier!

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