Happy Friday! #ThePositivityWave

September 6, 2019

Hello and Happy Friday!

I’m joining with Meggy @ Chocolate’n’Waffles to spread some positivity among all the doom and gloom on social media and in the news. Please feel free to join in with your own Happy Friday post and link to Meggy. Thanks to Nicki at The Secret Library Book Blog and Jonetta at The Blue Mood Cafe for the inspiration! Tina at Reading Between the Pages Blog joined the wave today!
#positivity #gratitude


Gratitude and Positivity are FREE and make every day BETTER!

New Vehicle!

I don’t purchase a new vehicle very often (I previously owned a classic 2002 Ford Excursion!), so I’m thrilled with my new GMC Yukon!


Air Conditioning!

Every day I’m grateful for air conditioning and it’s essential to the “positivity wave” around here!

a dog and a fan

That’s What a Hamburger’s All About!

If you live in or have visited California, you know!
IN-N-OUT was a frequent dating destination for my high school crowd back in the day.
Now, every trip to IN-N-OUT is a trip down nostalgia lane for me!
Have you enjoyed an IN-N-OUT burger and fries?

in n out burger

Family Parties!

The longer I live, the more special family parties become!
Bio family and/or found family ….. draw a wider circle!
Heading to a family party tomorrow!

Rogers family quote

family quote


Think on these things!


QOTD: What are you feeling Positive about today? 

14 thoughts on “Happy Friday! #ThePositivityWave

  1. Love the new car!
    OK confession time, I have lived in CA for 33 years and have never had IN-N-OUT. Shocking I know! I don’t eat fast food too often and red meat isn’t my favorite. That is why the Impossible Whopper from Burger King makes me so happy 🙂
    My kids nag me all the time to try it, so you never know it may eventually happen lol

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  3. Ah I love these kind of positivity posts, they always make me so happy! ❤ yay for that new car, it looks AMAZING! and I've actually never tried In N Out burgers, I'm hoping to do so someday… and to come to California as well haha that'd be a dream 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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