A-Z of Me, Part I

April 22, 2019

A-Z of Me, Part I

A-Z of Me Part 1

Just for Fun!

Today I’m joining many other bloggers who have created A-Z posts. Although I’ve seen these posts around from time to time, I’ve recently been inspired by Nicki’s at The Secret Library Book Blog and by Lynne’s at Fictionophile.


A is for Avocado!
A sandwich is hardly worth eating without avocado slices. Then, adding avocado to tacos, salads, etc. makes for a divine eating experience. Don’t forget the guacamole and chips! We have a local restaurant whose servers come to your table to make fresh guacamole for guests. I’d be happy with guacamole and chips as my entire meal!


B is for Books! Blogs! Book Clubs!
I love losing myself in books, writing and reading blog posts, and participating in book clubs. I love finding bookish friends, and the first question I want to ask a person is “What are you reading?” Making bookish friends around the world in blogging and Instagram communities has been a delightful and treasured endeavor! Just recently I met 3 other bookstagramers IRL for the first time at an author event. I’m a member of an IRL book club and several online book clubs…..most frequently participating in the Modern Mrs. Darcey Book Club. Of course, I also love sharing current reads with my followers here. Thank you readers for your visits, likes, and comments…..your interaction means a lot to me!

i love books

book club
IRL Book Friends


C is for Chocolate!

I adore chocolate in most forms! My favorite candy bar is probably Baby Ruth. I love chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream topped with hot fudge for a decadent desert. I also need to mention warm, freshly baked chocolate chip cookies directly  from the oven! cadbury eggsCadbury Eggs are always a temptation this time of year! My favorite frozen treat is dark chocolate covered raspberry sorbet bars by Dove (thanks Mom!). Trust me. You’re welcome!

dove bars

All this chocolate wouldn’t be sodacomplete without my favorite beverage, Diet Dr. Pepper!

C is also for Candy Crush!
A mention of candy wouldn’t be complete without a nod to Candy Crush! How many of you still play? I tackle it in spurts these days. I play until the thought crosses my mind “What am I doing? I could be reading right now!” I’m on Level 2,420 and have never spent money on it….I am a strategic user of free items however! I don’t love it as much as I used to, and I play out of habit I guess.

candy crush


D is for Dogs!
I love labrador and golden retrievers! We’ve had both, and now we have granddogs who are retrievers. They are sweet, loyal, kid friendly, furry friends and are the perfect addition to any family.

Meet Cooper


E is for Elephant!
Elephants are my favorite large land mammal. I love the story of how an elephant herd surrounds a vulnerable female as she’s giving birth, protecting her and the baby from predators and then helping care for the newborn. I hope you have loyal friends like this in your life.




F is for Family and Friends
My family and friends that are like family mean the world to me!

family quote


G is for Gardening!
If I have some money to burn, I head to the nursery. I love spending time potting plants and adding bright spots of color to the yard! I’d rather spend money on plants than on manis, pedis, or coffee!

Image Source: Annie Spratt on Unsplash


H is for Hawaii!
Hawaii (or any tropical island) is my preferred vacation destination!

Image Source: Sean O. on Unsplash


I is for Inquisitive!
One of my strongest personality traits is inquisitiveness (followed closely by persistence). I’m a life long learner and I’ve taken classes in areas like photography, graphic design, calligraphy, American Sign Language, flower arranging, various crafts (hello glue gun!), etc. I have loved learning about blogging and social media and I devour “how I did it” posts and strategies from other bloggers. My favorite conversation starter is a question. I love to talk with people and find out about them. I would much rather be the one asking the questions than the one talking. One reason I love historical fiction is to learn about other people, different cultures, and world events.



J is for Jesus!

Enjoy one of my favorite worship songs



K is for Kindle App!
You can usually find me reading on my Kindle app. Library books are also read electronically using the Libby app. Even though I rarely read a physical book, I still love to meander through book stores to be in the presence of reading people, run my hands over the covers, enjoy the bookish environment, or to purchase gifts.

kindle app


L is for Love!
Choose Love (and Kindness) always!
God is Love.

choose love


M is for Monarch Butterflies!
I keep Milkweed in my yard and plant various flowers to attract Monarch butterflies.

Monarchs threatened

Of course, I’ve inherited my love of gardening, chocolate, and reading from my Mom!

Do we have some things in common?

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  1. I love posts that allow me to be nosey and get to know people better. I love chocolate, books, gardening and dogs but am not a fan of avacado.


    • I love to read get to know you posts too! Thanks for stopping in! Sorry about the avocado! I feel the same about mushrooms and raisins!

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