Summer’s Best List (2017)

August 29, 2017

Image: two beach chairs and an umbrella on a beach; Words: "Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability." by Sam Keen

Summer’s Best

Looking for a Great Read For the Weekend?

This is special! Top Shelf Text (***updated to note that Top Shelf Text is no longer blogging but this link still works!) queried her blogging friends (including yours truly at readingladies) and asked if we’d like to participate in a special post where she would compile all of our favorite reads of the summer. We each submitted our choice for the best book of the summer along with a brief review. Below you will find the link to the special blog post she put together with all of our favorite reads! These selections will provide a wealth of great recommendations, expand your TBR (to be read list), and keep you busy all winter! Check it out!

Best Books of the Summer

Happy Reading Everyone!

smiling stick figure girl holding an open book (caption: Summer Reading)

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