Code Name Helene [Book Review] #ThrowBackThursday

March 17, 2022

Code Name Hélène by Ariel Lawhon

Code Name Helene by Ariel Lawhom (coveer)

Genre/Categories/Setting: Biographical Historical Fiction, World War 11, French Resistance Movement, France

Welcome to Throwback Thursday where I highlight an older review or post a current review of an old read. Today, I’m re-sharing suspenseful, page-turning historical fiction, Code Name Hélène by Ariel Lawhon.

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My Summary:

Told in multiple timelines, Code Name Hélène is the thrilling and intense story of real-life socialite spy, Nancy Wake. Helene is only one of her four code names. When Nancy Wake first meets the love of her life, wealthy Henri Fiocca, in 1936, she is a freelance reporter and an Australian ex-pat living in Paris. As the Germans invade France, she begins her spy career by using her socialite status to smuggle documents and people across borders. Eventually, she is forced to escape France and leave Henri behind. At this time she is trained for Special Operations by the British and returns to France to work in the French Resistance Movement. Known for her innovative thinking and leadership, profanity, and red lipstick, she secures weapons from the allied forces for the French Resistance fighters. This is complicated because she is also a hunted woman with a bounty on her head.”

Real-life socialite spy, Nancy Wake….

Nancy Wake in 1945

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Fast-paced, suspenseful, and gritty historical fiction…

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Have you read Code Name Hélène or is it on your TBR?



  1. I felt the book was good but not great compared to other WW2 books about women such as “Lilac Girls”. One of the reasons was because I did not like the heroine. Imagine someone being so selfish that she insists on putting on her lipstick before she jumps from the plane making the pilot circle the drop zone one more time. She put the pilot, co-pilot and other jumpers in even more danger. Not funny. I did admire her strength and nerve.

    • I understand your perspective Jane! In fact, I remember taking a reading break so I could Google her because I found her somewhat unlikable. I think what you’re saying is the basis for me docking a half star!

      The Invisible Woman is a story of a woman doing the same kind of work and I admire her more! Highly recommend.

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