Don’t be a Stranger: How to Make Connections in the Book Blogging Community [ReBlog] [GuestPost]

A HUGE shoutout to Eleanor @ notsomoderngirl for asking me to guest post! I enjoyed thinking and writing about this topic and I hope you will find my thoughts helpful!

Not-So-Modern Girl

This is a guest post written by Carol from the Reading Ladies blog. Find out more about her at the end of the post!

One of the first blogging lessons to be learned was also my greatest challenge: I needed a Community; I desired to make connections and find my people. I knew for certain that no one can blog in isolation, but the solution intimidated me.

I’m an introvert. I’m a reader, not a talker. I love cancelled plans so that I can stay home and read. I’m never lonely because I always have a book. These self-descriptors don’t set me up for making online connections. I also had fears: what if I attract creepers or someone makes a mean or negative comment?

How Did I Move From Frozen to Connected?

To be successful as a book blogger, I knew I had to extend myself, take chances, and…

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